List of devices for which Android 8.0 Oreo is available Unofficially

Download Android 8 Oreo ROM for These Devices

Android Oreo released for many devices, only a few of Google Nexus and other devices are officially supported. But thanks to developers from all around the world who consistently port new Android version for popular devices in their free time. No matter these Android Oreo are unofficial, but this doesn’t mean they are any lesser than original Android Oreo build.

If your device is on the list, it is the good time to say the corresponding developer thanks for their time consumed in porting Oreo ensuring users like you didn’t miss out. We have collected a list of devices for them Android Oreo ROM is unofficially ported does really works, we also linked to their original forum pages and website. If your devices

List of devices for which Android 8.0 Oreo is available Unofficially

Custom ROMs ensures that users get the latest version of Android on their devices which would likely otherwise never get any update officially. When publishing this article I only witnessed unofficial lineage OS 15 and AOSP builds, In near future, you will see Android Oreo ports combined with extra features such as Resurrection remix project and others.

Android Oreo for popular Xiaomi devices

Android Oreo for pupular HTC devices

Android Oreo for pupular OnePlus devices

Android Oreo for popular YU

So now let’s talk about how to install Android OS on your phone, first of all, you have to install a custom recovery on your phone such as TWRP. After this, download the Android oreo ROM file by going to your phone’s specific XDA-fouram page and concurrently get an opengapps package (for google play store and services).

Using the recovery to flash both the files.

  • If you’re installing a Lineage OS oreo port, head over to this guide for step by step instructions with pictures.
  • Most of the xiaomi devices have a locked bootloader that needs to be unlocked first, read the whole guide from Unlocking bootloader to install a custom recovery then Flash Android audio file on a xiaomi device

Fortunately, most of the Android oreo unofficial ports does works and there are almost minor bugs and some features such as PIP (picture in picture) doesn’t work in initial releases. As you might have guessed, this isn’t a complete list and there are other devices such as asus, samsung, and more find more devices list on this page at Xda.

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