Best Ad Blocker for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge

Webmasters use advertising on their website for a reason —revenue. Thousands of bloggers and webmasters create the pages that google index. We’ve compiled a list of best ad blockers you can install to remove ads from all websites. However, I’d welcome the advice to whitelist all the useful sites, so you’re not hurting the owner’s ad impressions or revenue. By useful sites I meant those who doesn’t restrict when you have an ad blocker enabled, having a pop-up and flashy ads.

Ad Blockers has been compared in terms of speed, RAM usage, and CPU consumption. Turns out different websites have unmatched opinions. Our test result shows that disconnect is the best alternative of any ad-blocker out there. If your concern is RAM, you can check the Disconnect extension for google chrome.


Disconnect | Available for Chrome, Firefox , Opera, and Safari

best ad blockers, Disconnect
Photo: Lifehacker (Screenshot)

The application interface is extremely minimal and comes with a very low setting. Which is a very good thing that you don’t have to be involved much with the settings. All you have to do is to install the extension on your browser and it will be in action. It removes all advertisement from the all website. If you click on the icon of the app you get a few options, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google advertisement toggle button and the option to show the number of advertisement removed.

Despite there is no custom filters, but you can manually allow ads to show on a specific website from the icon while you’re on the site. This ad-blocker is RAM Efficient as it only uses around 20MB RAM. Especially when you’re using this with the Google Chrome browser,  because we all  know Chrome is the best RAM hunger browser. despite, Chrome offers more and unique features and is the most secured and stable browser.

Adblock and Adblock Plus

Note: We’re summing up these two popular ad-blockers in two paragraphs to focus other great ad blockers out there.

AdBlock: This is one of the best Ad blocker for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and safari and all other browser running on the Chromium project. It got supports custom filters and some advanced features. If you’re using Chrome and want to skip all the ads what you can do is to just install the Chrome extension. The next minute you won’t see any single ads, the

Adblock Plus: More than 100 million devices have the plugin installed. It one of the popular ad blocker out there. In my test on the DroidLife site, it was using 100+ MB RAM, so you may want to avoid this if the concern is RAM. Despite, We should not lose sight of its fame.

best ad blockers, Adblock Plus


Ghostery | Available for Chrome, Firefox , IE/ EDGE, Opera, and Safari. Android, iOS.

best ad blockers, Ghostery
Photo: A youtube video (Screenshot)

It not only blocks the ads but also displays what this is blocking, and with a click you can allow a specific tracker. Overall ghostery is another lesser-known but powerful ad blocker for web browsers.

As you can see below we tested the plugin with a Youtube video, and it did pretty well since it was an HD video, we didn’t face any lag because of the plugin. We chose to test on youtube for a reason, as you can see there are Analytics and Dynamic remarking. So this takes the plugin to the next level. While most ad-blockers just tore apart all the Ads, Ghostery shows you what is tracking you.

If you’re using the Chrome browser, there are lots of options out there for ad blockers. Opera users are just behind that, as the new opera runs on Chromium engine that enables it to play almost all Chrome extensions directly from the Chrome Web store. Opera even comes with a built-in ad blocker and pretty cool features such as unlimited free VPN and Power saver mode. There are plenty of web browsers, but in my opinion, Chrome is the most powerful, it supports the Voice API and other unique features, for that reason alone I’d prefer using the Chrome as a primary browser.

Ad Blockers is a way to save bandwidth and kill annoying ads, as Navin blogged some examples of how some websites restrict users if they have an Ad-blocker enabled. For example most of the Famous and News portal sites doing that.

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