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Book Torrents Websites

Tugs at your soul, doesn’t it? You love to read books. You always have. But honestly, do you know where to get them? A torrent site maybe, you guess. But as there are tons of fraud sites loaded with zillions of ads it’s hard to find the useful torrent sites to download free eBooks. In this post we’re mentioned a number of ebook torrent sites, from there of course you can find thousand of ebooks and download them using a torrent client like uTorrent or use a cloud site to download books torrent. The impressive part of using a torrent service is that you don’t need a torrent client to download torrents files, such service uses cloud storage to download any torrent you add (using magnet or .torrent file) and you can download them over https or http connection.

As you might have noticed with the shutdown of Kat torrent site, people became more careful when it comes to downloading torrents, in most countries torrents sites are banned by numerous ISP’s, and that’s the reason people go for VPN or proxies so they can access the internet with freedom.

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t mean to encourage the illegal business in any terms. Just for your information what you do on the internet is on you. And we also do not support downloading copyright material using torrents.

The Best eBook torrent sites: Download any free eBooks: Here are the popular books torrent sites you can visit to download ebooks of your favorite author. Torrents are the number one place when it comes to files database, and since it uses p2p mechanism, there won’t be any download links (Unless you use a cloud torrent service) all the files will be fetched from someone else’s computer if you use a torrent client like Utorrent or BitTorrent.

So first start with the top ebooks websites, and for starters, we will also discuss how you can download a torrent to your computer. Later this section we’ve mentioned some resources if you’re looking for an easier way to deal with torrents.

The Best eBook Torrenting Sites

A free advice: Even though, these sites are useful but they also have annoying ads, and it’s better to use a Ad-blocker to distinguish real download links from ads-download buttons. Some of the websites are torrent based while some other provide direct download links, but again watch out those fake download button or you might end up having a unwanted bloatware or a program installed on your computer.

Zooqle Books – One of the best place to find ebooks, you can get eBooks in many formats like, PDF and ePub, etc. Books are categorized, so it make easier to find all the “comic” or “magazine” type eBooks. You can also find audio books (playable media format), textbooks (in form of pdf or epub) and other sort of books. It’s basically a torrent search engine that is also mentioned on our best torrent sites of 2017. It is not solely focused on book or ebooks, so if you don’t know what you’re looking for you probably don’t find it. There is nothing like best books or author wise books catalog. But you can simply search for a book using the search bar.

KAT – The most amazing most popular torrent websites were ceased after it’s owner arrested by police. That time was a real bummer for thousands of people, but the torrent world is something big that can not be stopped by arresting someone as there are tons of other torrent sites still exist and breathing. There are new numerous KAT clone or duplicate websites, let’s see how they roll. The database of ebooks here is the one of the largest, around 200k.

FreeBookSpot – Ebook oriented website for those looking for free eBooks. There are plenty of categories available, for example if you are a comic fan you can browse all the ebooks related to comics in a single click. The website also uses third party sites to host free eBook.

eBook-Share – Hundreds of thousands of free books are available, and they are divided into categories so that makes it, even more, easier to find books you may like to read. What more when you click on a book link it will display the publisher, release date number of pages and link to 10 per page if available. This website uses third party hosting sites to provide download links, so I am not sure how the site works. But as long as it is useful to provide free ebooks makes it what mentioning here. But watch out sponsored download buttons, the original download links will be after description section.

The Pirate Bay – This category link haves tons of free ebooks and epub, mp3 and pdf version you can download for free. Very obviously you use the search bar to find the appropriate book you’re looking for. Unlike KAT (that has shutdown) this website is not going to have any problem any soon.

1337x Books: With a clean and interesting layout design this site has experience changes it is more popular in India. Is database may not humongous compared to its rivals, but it’s very easy to find a book and get magnet URL. There are no annoying or fake download buttons.

Extra Torrent – With a simple interface and this is another top mentioned torrent websites to download free eBooks. Unlike other torrent sites, eBooks here are categorized and placed in a good manner makes it easier to find your next eBook to read on your computer. The bad about torrent sites that they are banned in some countries and many ISP blacklist them so you can not directly access them unless you’re using a VPN or similar service.

Many Books – A collection of both free and paid ebooks and direct links to sites like Amazon and Apple. If you want something more out from your favorite niche, they also publish articles talking about specific sets of books. To find a free book, select your favorite category and look for books mentioned as free.

BitSnoop – A fine and fresh ebook torrenting site, having over lakhs of free ebooks provided for free. Most of the ebooks here available in archive format you can extract them using a tool like Winrar to read on your computer.

Utorrent.Online – This book torrent has an easy and simple format, you can browse down to 1000’s of books without Ads and other stuff. Simply search the relevant stuff, and you can download them in the form of e-books. For language, there is a small country flag just on the download button.

WorldWideTorrents: Though the website is full of ADs its one of the legitimate sources of ebooks over the web. Its also highly active uploads are very healthy. Website also provides additional features like health of e-book, age, magnet link, direct torrent, download counter, etc. making the experience much better.


Use these best Book torrent to download free ebooks

These what is best ebook torrent websites you can use to download free ebooks. A reader should not stop reading at any cost. Hopefully, these are not only the website to download Ebook Torrents in the form of PDF or Epub or any readable format. Feel free to share your favorite ebook name in the comments section below.