15 Best Kodi Skins for “v19.1 Matrix” install one right now

Kodi player is a media player which helps you to play most of the movies, videos, music, TV’s, etc. Kodi player has been popular since a while for now. As it is open source and freely available for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android; hence widely popular among multi-platform users. It has customization features which make it, even more, better! We have options to change our themes. So for the best user experience, one can customize the theme in a decent way. Here I provide you with some of best Kodi Skins oe themes available.

Kodi is a media player that supports multiple platforms, yet it falls short when it comes to playing the .mkv format media files (Popular movie, video format) So if you have MKV files, specially x265 encoded, you’ll need some sort of video converter to convert into x264 encoding video. But apart from that, we still love the Kodi media player.

Most of the themes are available in official repository so that you can install them directly from the KODI player. More information here.


Best kodi skins
credit: http://xbmc-skins.com/

This theme is highly based on Holo theme in Android. It was mainly designed to add a touch screen support so Kodi can work best on touchscreen devices, but works on HTPC’s too. If you are a smartphone, tablet, or touch screen user, then droid theme is best for you.

Droid skin


Best kodi skins
credit: http://xbmc-skins.com/

Transparency is a great, fan art skinned theme. Its primary goal is providing every proper support and feature Kodi has. And it saves a lot of time as its way more pre- configured than any other themes.

Transparency skin


credit: http://kodi.wiki/
This will be my recommendation if you are new to this open source media player. It is because of it is very light that will surely work way faster to compared to any of other themes. It has its classic Aeon style too to get a different and catchy style.


If you are hoping for a great graphical theme that is, best in class graphics then refocus will best suit you. It’s really famous for its Elegance, simplicity, consistency and balanced design. It might have some extra repo problem, but if you can work out those, then it might be considered as a powerful theme.

Refocus Skin


credit: kodi.wiki

Mimic is a hybrid of the two of best themes- Aeon Nox and refocus. Even as Mimic is based on these two themes but it still has its whole different style. This skin features from Arctic Zephyr and its mods, fTV and Phil65’s skin.

Mimic Skin


credit: github.com

If you are looking for an easy to use a skin which has a lot of options? Black glass Nova
is the best option for you. This theme is ported from MediaPortal. It has great features like fine logos and skin widgets. It was mainly made for Full HD TV screens. One of its plus points is that its fan art oriented skin.

Black Glass Nova Skin


credit: xbmc-skins.com

Do you like simplicity? Then Amber is your hope. This theme has no bloatware, and it’s just your media. It has really easy to navigate interface. One of its biggest assets is that It is simple, fast and convenient. It uses some textures from Mediastream and Aeon skins, But still, it is the way better choice if you care about performance.

Amber Skin


credit: xbmc-skins.com

Eminence is a skin which seeks functionality and customization over looks. Although it is fully functional, still it gives a better modern look. Eminence is the simple theme and is not heavy. This theme provides smooth and elegant functionality. If you are running Kodi in lite devices like Raspberry Pi, then eminence is your best choice.

Eminence Skin


credit: xbmc-skins.com

Nebula theme is a full-feature theme which is rich in all type of features. In looks its available in two flavors, a dark colored and light colored. This theme is best for Full HD TV’s screens. It’s not only efficient but it also gets work done fast.

Nebula Skin

10. XPERIENCE 1080

credit: xbmc-skins.com

Again of you are here to find high graphics theme then Xperience 1080 is your theme. This skin focuses mainly on graphics quality and animations. Its best feature is its very well integrated functions and Add-ons. One plus point is that it is a Full HD skin- 1920 X 1080.It also has partial touch support. And as it is also compatible with TV PVR. It approaches perfection.

Xperience 1080 Skin


credit: xbmc-skins.com

Metropolis is a smooth skinned, simple theme whose main focus is the support to all media info. It shows as much as media info as possible with really easy to read text and icons.If there might be a slang that can explain this skin then it must be – “A Mix of Retro and MAuthor:

Metropolis Skin


credit: xbmc-skins.com

Unity is a new skin for Kodi 18 Gotham. Although all versions support it. One of the features of Unity is that this theme is based on material design. It is easy to use GUI and is efficient too. It is an adaptation from many themes and is worth trying.

Unity Skin

So the above were my favorite and nest Kodi skins for Leia version, obeviosuly these skins works well will older verison such as Krypton and Jarvis. Each one of these unique skin is going to enhance your view and will make your player more efficient and convenient. If you also know of some skins that are not mentioned above feel free to drop them down in comments below to let others know!

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