8 Evernote Alternatives which works great 2022 Edition


best evernote alternatives

Again, there is sometimes we may want to seek an Evernote alternative, here are the best writing and note-taking tool — one can be your next partner in note-taking and remembering things. Most of them should be fit in your next best Evernote alternative tool for note-taking and writing purposes.

First, let’s know some instances we may want to Avoid Evernote.

  • No sync or App available on Linux devices.
  • Evernote is packed will all rich features, and maybe you want a simple alternative.
  • Evernote setup files are huge? Pretty little reason for someone to ignore it.
  • Again, Evernote may not fulfill all your requirements.

In July this year, Evernote declares that it’ll imply subscription fees for the paid plan of its note-taking app with keeping its free users to limit syncing only 2 devices.

This is a real bummer for the 100 million+ users (according to company claims) – but you know you should keep going. So if you made a decision to no more paying, it’s an obvious idea to switch to an alternative or replacement app, take a look at our other favorites and choose the one that suits you best. No matter what operating system you’re using.

Best Evernote Alternatives You can Use

  1. Dropbox Paper: Dropbox paper is a good alternative and a web-based app. A mobile app is also there for Android devices.
  2. Box Notes: Box Notes
  3. Google Docs: Google Docs is from Google, so you get premium features for free. Including speech to text feature that helps writing longer content.
  4. One Note: Microsoft made its note-taking app very useful this year. If you are someone who needs basic note taking the app with basic features such as text formatting and adding images, this is a good choice.
  5. Google Keep: Best known as a to-do list rather than a note-taking application. However, you can take note, set reminders. If you’re using chrome, using the Google Keep extension makes it possible to send push-notifications of reminders. Google keep is available for Android, Chrome.
  6. Quip: It’s the one that inspired Dropbox paper, now Quip is changed into a team collaboration tool where you can add your team members assign them tasks, create documents, and chat easily.
  7. HackPad: Now they joined the Dropbox team, and if you were using it your data will be migrated to Dropbox paper.
  8. Buno: Buno is a clean and minimal note-taking app while it doesn’t have a web-interface. It runs only on the Android and iOS platforms.

Evernote is gone too far, it is not a very lightweight application (except the web version). That makes others stand a chance against it. This is a re-post of the original best note-taking apps post.

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