How to Hide or Archive your Instagram Photos

Instagram is the best place to share your moments through photos. At many time you would wish to hide a photo instead of removing it from your profile. Well, the Instagram team is listening, with Instagram version 10.24 (for Android) you can literally hide or archive your Instagram images without the need to removing them completely from your account. You can access them and even restore them to your account later, this is what many of users ever asking.

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Fortunately, now we can hide those terrible Instagram photos, which might get tons of likes but you can’t help but blame yourself for uploading that photo. This is also a good way to hide your sensitive and super personal photos.

Let see how you can hide your Instagram Photos.

Step 1. Update your Instagram app.

A lot of people have this habit of not updating their app, unless we’re not talking about Facebook and messenger, update your Instagram app from play store.

Step 2.  Go to your profile.Tap on your profile icon and open the photo you would like to hide from there.

Tap on your profile icon and open the photo you would like to hide from there.

Step 3. Archive a post.

Tap on the three dots (right top of image) and then choose the “Archive” option. Voila, it’s archived, you can do this for as many as photos.

To access all of your archives Instagram posts, go back to your profile and tap on the “archive” icon, which is basically look like this.

On this page, you’ll see all the Instagram photos your archived. Remember these photos won’t show to your followers.

How to restore your Instagram Photos that you archived earlier.

If you want to restore the post to your profile, go to your profile and tap on the “Archive” icon, which will open a page with posts you archived earlier. Now select post you want to restore, and tap on the “three dots” icon and then choose “Show on Profile” it will be restored and you won’t loose any like/comment etc.

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