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The instagram is now owned by Facebook but remains as a big photo sharing platform. People around the world are sharing photos on Instagram and Instagram is the best way to get your favorite celeb’s new photos and updates.

There is a wholly unique world in Instagram comments, and you’ll find out that some of them don’t really make any sense unless you know them. If you been looking and wondering what they really mean, check out this list.

What does lb mean on Instagram

  • Likeback or LB: This usually a way to ask someone to like one of your instagram photos after liking one of their photos, so they get more likes. This is a win-win game for both.
  • First/Instant: This comment you can find on the celeb’s account like Selena Gomez’s to claim you first comment as if you own the first people to see that photo spot.

What does row mean on Instagram

  • Row for row: You are aware of Facebook where people likes other people’s pictures and asks them to do the same. Just like that in Instagram Photos are aligned in a row, and specific photo doesn’t matter here, It means asking someone to like a Row of your photos and in return, you’ll like any Row of their photos.
  • Double tap that: This is a way of expressing your love toward an individual photo. Also, it’s a kind of soft sarcasm besides to like a photo in Instagram clicking once is enough.
  • Insta dump: Calling someone who keeps posting a humongous amount of photos instead selecting one and posting.
  • #l4l/#f4f: This term in comments is hashtags means “like for like” and “follow for following.” Express desire to ask someone to like or follow you and you’ll do the same.
  • #Instagood/#Instalove: People adds this in the caption area to show how much they love those photos, photos can be either landscape or portrait of a person.
  • Regram/Repot: If someone wants to re-upload a photo of someone to their own account they usually add this term to their uploaded photo’s of someone else in caption area in a format “regram of @SelanaGomez” or “repost @Username” or anything that tell other that this photo is of that person.

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That’s all you wanted to know, and you’ve learned all those terms people uses on Instagram comments and photo captions. It’s time to take advantage of these terms. Go Go, Instagram peoples.

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