Get Free $5 Amazon Gift Vouchers just for Using Edge Browser with Bing


Now Microsoft urgently needs you the Edge Web browser and bing search engine and now they are even paying for it, the program “Microsoft rewards” will give you credit if you use their browser with bing to search on the internet. There are many rewards but the most usable is the Amazon $5 gift voucher.

If you have been used the Bing rewards earlier you’ll acquainted with this. Microsoft recently re branded it as “Microsoft Rewards” furthermore more compensates you can get for using the Microsoft Edge. However, this is only useful if you live in US. This may roll out in other country’s soon, no solid news though.

How to get $5 Amazon Gift Cards from Microsoft

Let’s see how you can redeem Microsoft Rewards such the $5 Amazon gift card, and there are more rewards like $5 gift voucher for Starbucks and GamesStop.

But $5 Amazon gift seems interesting to me, and most of people prefer amazon for online shopping and if you also then you’ll be happy if I tell you you can utilize it anytime – it won’t lapse. What else? You can redeem points as Windows Store gift card or Skype credit card.

Rewards projects are just intriguing on the off chance that they have great prizes. So we should take a gander at what Microsoft offers. You can likewise reclaim rewards like a Windows Store blessing card, Xbox blessing card, and Skype credits. The most fascinating alternatives are let down on the page: $5 blessing cards for, Starbucks, and GameStop.

Earn upto $10 Amazon Credit Every Month

You can redeem A $5 gift voucher card for the cost of 5250 points. You can win up to 150 points daily just by using the Browser with on your computer.

5 Points per search query upto 100 points  every day
5 point per hour of using EDGE browser.

There are likewise different reward offers – when we thought of this, there were 170 points additional value of extra offers in the Rewards dashboard. Microsoft offers another group of rewards once every day, as well. These extra offers simply oblige you to hunt down particular things on Bing and visit other Microsoft sites, as MSN.

At first, you can just gain 50 points every day from using Bing. If you want to get to the Level 2 account (for getting 250 points daily) you have to gain atleaset 500 points each month.

So we should do some fast math. In thirty days in a month, you can acquire around 12750 focuses every month without spending a dime. That would abandon you enough indicates purchase you $10 of free Amazon credit with a few focuses left over. That is about $12.14 of Amazon credit you could procure every month. You most likely won’t maximize this each month–but you could in any case effortlessly gain $5 or $10 of Amazon credit each month.

The main drawback? Indeed, as we said… you need to utilize Edge and Bing. Yet, for a few, that may not be a colossal issue.

The most effective method to Start Earning Rewards

To begin, head to the Microsoft Rewards site and chip into the program. You’ll to sign-in with your microsoft account and when you searches on Bing on right-side top you’ll see the Points Tracker.

And clicking on the ICON will show your earned points with different-different tasks to get additional points.

To procure focuses for looking from versatile, you’ll have to seek with Bing on your telephone and be signed into your Microsoft account in the portable program you’re looking with. You’ll only need focuses in utilizing Edge Browser, and you’ll have to use the EDGE browser on Windows 10 operating system. Make sure to use same microsoft account in Windows and Microsoft Rewards Program.

If you keep using both chances are more likely you’ll earn lot’s of coins and at least 10k points a month that you can redeem for 2 $5 Amazon gift vouchers.

Is Microsoft Rewards Worth It?

In case you’re content with Bing and Edge for your seeking and skimming, this project is fundamentally free money–money you can just spend on Amazon, obviously. On the off chance that you can’t surrender Google and Chrome, the guarantee of some free Amazon credit may not be sufficient to entice you.

In any case, Edge isn’t mandatory–you can procure a large portion of the focuses from simply seeking with Bing in Google Chrome, Firefox, or whatever other program you incline toward.

I’ve by and by dallied with Bing Rewards in the past and could get about $10 every month in free credit. I can affirm that Microsoft does to be sure pay out.

At last, I did a reversal to utilizing Google since it was better for more dark, specialized ventures. Be that as it may, in case you’re content with Bing, Microsoft’s prizes system will give you free stuff with no genuine drawback.

How to Earn Amazon Gift Cards by Using Bing and Edge | HowToGeek

Disclaimer: I live in India and Microsoft Rewards is currently not available outside the US so we took help from HowToGeek to show you screenshots.

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