How to Reset and Delete BIOS Password

Advertisement BIOS Admin passwords are there to protect unauthorized access to BIOS settings. BIOS settings contain everything needed…

BIOS Admin passwords are there to protect unauthorized access to BIOS settings. BIOS settings contain everything needed to boot a computer, enable/disable secure boot. Enabling computers features such as Virtualization could be done in BIOS settings only.

How to Reset BIOS Admin Password

If you may have forgotten your BIOS admin password or your computer came with a pre-defined BIOS Admin password, with the use of this guide, you will walk out knowing how you can rest, remove or bypass an Admin BIOS password.

However, as this article is long as we tried to cover all the best possible situation make sure to find a case that fits your computer.

Reset BIOS password: Support Team

If you have the invoice of your computer purchase you can get support from your PC’s manufacturers, support team.

I had a personal experience of this with my Hp Probook 4540s, and I will try to tell exactly how I contacted the support team and how they helped me to remove my Admin BIOS password.

Step 1. Contact your support.

First, you need to search whether your PC’s compony provide help support this can be via Live Chat or Phone.

Tell them that you need to reset your BIOS Admin Password.

For security reason, they will ask you a snap of these documents.

  1. Computer purchase invoice bill.
  2. Your Govt issued ID
  3. UUID ( I will Explain this later)
  4. Authorization letter.

What is required and what all are these

The Invoice bill is proof that the computer belongs to you. The Govt ID to confirm you are the same person.

UUID (System Information Page): It is a unique number of your computer. When your computers boot Press “ESC” and then F1 to get into System information Page. This may vary, at the time of support, you will be guided how you can get on this page according to your computer brand.

Authorization Latter:
A hand-written letter to the support team that you wish to seek help to reset the password.

Step 2. Send them required information.

Once you make a request by either chat or phone support, you might ask to provide those 4 files.

bios password, admin, reset, remove, delete, hp

When you send all the required documents, the support team will transfer your case to next department. 

bios password, admin, reset, remove, delete, hp

After some time they will send you an email with 2 files mostly.

Step 3. The main process.

The one will be an SMC BIN file and second is a document to tell you how to perform the process to reset your Admin BIOS password. The Bin file is actually manually generated and will only be valid for 7 days from creation.

bios password, admin, reset, remove, delete

If you have an HP laptop you will find a disk partition named “HP Tools” you need to move both files to that drive as well as copying both to a USB device.

Important: You need to manually rename the SMC.BIN.bin file to only SMC.bin (where .bin is s file extension so do not get confused.)

How to Reset BIOS Password using SMC.bin

This process may be different for your computer and model. The section is as if we are resetting Bios admin password of an HP Probook.

Step A. Turn off your laptop or computer.

Plug the USB (Pen Drive) to a 2.0 USB port (In case of an HP laptop).

Step B. Press “WINDOWS + UP Arrow + Down Arrow“ Key until you hear the sound of your FAN (Your PC’s fan will run at 100% speed, so you’ll notice probably.)

Release the keys and press F10 when computer boots. You’ll see a message that “SMC command successfully accepted.”

Step C.  Don’t just turn off your PC and boot windows. Instead, press F10 at next boot, and directly get into BIOS where you can change the BIOS password. Even if you did not set a BIOS password, you would not be prompted to enter any password in future. It is just you need to enter into BIOS just after the SMC command accepted.

====== Official Instruction Received from HP Tech Support ======

To Reset BIOS Password with UUID use this instruction below


Ensure USB key is formatted to FAT 32 and should be less than 4 GB.

Please follow these steps to clear BIOS password:

⦁ Save the attached file with this e-mail to USB key.
⦁ Rename the file to SMC.BIN (Ensure the file in not saved as SMC.BIN.bin)
⦁ Insert to the system (or save the file to the root of drive (partition on hard drive) D: HP_TOOLS)
⦁ Press “Windows Key + Arrow UP Key + Arrow Down Key” all keys at same time and turn on the system
⦁ Release all keys and press F10 at HP logo to go to F10 setup to “Reset BIOS security to factory default.”

SMC Command Failure Reasons:

⦁ the Wrong UUID is provided.
⦁ Try different brand and smaller size USB key.
⦁ USB key is not formatted FAT32.
⦁ Make sure use USB 2.0 port not USB 3.0 port.
⦁ BIOS, date and time should be current and updated.

=============== End ===================

There is a catch, though, if you are unable to provide the required documents they simply won’t be able to help. For sure if that happens frustration is natural. You can always visit any of your laptop’s brand service center and the staff there will happily reset your BIOS admin password.


Delete BIOS password When you can’t Get Official Support.

bios password, admin, reset, remove, delete

There is no need to worry. There are many ways to reset, remove or bypass the BIOS password. Resetting CMOS battery or CMOS data might help you erase the password stored.

But if you have a new laptop or computer all the CMOS related method will not work, and you need to skip this section and read the next section.

By removing CMOS battery
By using motherboard jumper
By using MS-DOS command
By using software
By using Backdoor BIOS Password
Now I’ll try to explain each method one by one:

DISCLAIMER: This information is purely for Experienced users who were genuinely looking to reset BIOS password. Information on this page depends on how a user is going to use them. We’ll not hold any responsibility for the misuse of the information of anything goes wrong with your computer. Please processed with caution, you might end up having a dead laptop.

Reset BIOS password by Removing CMOS Battery

NOTE: New computers such mostly Laptops doesn’t depend on CMOS battery to store BIOS password and thus this will fail if your computer is new.

Computer motherboard uses a half coin size CMOS battery to save BIOS settings and time information. Remove the battery for 1-2 hours, this might remove the data stored including the BIOS password, and you’ll be asked to set a new password next time you boot computer after plugging the CMOS battery.

bios password, admin, reset, remove, delete
If it fails, then keep unplug the battery for a longer period, remember this whole approach is to drain the CMOS battery so you can drain the battery faster by attaching the battery surface to some conductive elements.

Reset BIOS password by using Motherboard Jumper | CMOS

This workaround works fine with old desktop computers. Using the Jumper all CMOS associated information will be erased, so is the BIOS password. As there are thousands of motherboard models, you need to find the jumper location, most of the time you can figure this out by either looking your motherboard manual or just look for any of these labels ‘CLR/ Clear’.

Once you find the Jumper you’ll see 3 Pins; the center pin will be attached to either the left or the right pin. To clear the BIOS password, you just need to just attach the center pin to the opposite pin. (eg.  ! !_! → !_! !) Now wait for a few minutes and plug the jumper again to its original position (eg. !_! ! → ! !_!)

Note: When doing this ensure the power to the computer remains off, take precaution when doing this.

Reset BIOS password by Using MS-DOS Command | CMOS

This needs an active operating system on your computer. If its is Windows hop to the “Command Prompt” and give following commands. You can find command prompt in Start Menu → All Apps → Windows system → Comment prompt. or just hit the Win key and search. When comment prompt is open type these.

o 70 2E
o 71 FF

++ When you don’t have access to Windows ++

Step a. Download a tool named Rufus and create a USB drive selecting the FreeDOS option.
Step b. Now Download the debug.exe (Virus scan site link, copy link and download) and put the file in the root directory of the USB.
Step c. Boot up the computer with your USB flash drive and type the above commands.


NOTE: The first character in the above commands is English alphabet “o” and not the number 0.

After entering the command it should reset the CMOS settings along with BIOS password. After that you can restart yoru computer and it should reset the BIOS admin password along with other BIOS settings and making them to default.Why does it work?

The o character command results the IO port value. The FF tell computer that CMOS has an invalid checksum.

Reset BIOS password by Using Software | CMOS

Yes, there are some software providing the ability to clear your computer’s password. But only work if the BIOS password is dependent on cmos battery, Which often happens with older computers. These software can erase BIOS administrator password so you can easily set a new password next time you boot computer. There are much hacking tools to erase CMOS data. Here is the one,

CMOS De-Animator is a popular and up-to-date BIOS tool that is used in Hacking, and as it is known as a BIOS hacking and resetting tool.

Windows compatible with both 32 bits and 64-bit architecture computers. Using this tool is very easy when download you need to open this tool and click on erase CMOS.

Reset BIOS password by Using Backdoor BIOS Password

Some BIOS manufacturer put a backdoor password in BIOS which always works irrespective of what password you have set in BIOS. It’s a master password which is used for testing and troubleshooting purposes.

AMI BIOS Passwords:AWARD BIOS Passwords:PHOENIX BIOS Passwords:Other Manufacturer BIOS Passwords:
A.M.I.1322222BIOSBiostar – Biostar
AAAMMMIII589589CMOSCompaq – Compaq
AMI?SW589721phoenixDell – Dell
AMI_SW595595PHOENIXEnox – xo11nE
AMI598598Misc Common Passwords:Epox – central
HEWITT RANDaLLybiostarJetway – spooml
LKWPETERaLLYbiosstarPackard Bell – bell9
OderaPAfcmosSiemens – SKY_FOX
awardlkwpeterToshiba – Toshiba
AWARD_SWsetupVOBIS & IBM – merlin
shift + syxz


NOTE: The above passwords are case-sensitive (That means shift and Caps lock will matter) and may not work as they are changed by manufacturers.


There are likely more chance that you get success if your BIOS password depends on the CMOS thing. Official support is always there if you haven’t lost your computer purchase documents. But if you are still unable to reset or remove the BIOS password you may want to get out and approach to a computer support center. Though, this article may be useful to you. But remember, it’s not likely to Provide Support official website so you do not useless comment. According to your laptop or computer manufacturer company, go to their support website where you can post your Problems.

  1. Bro! I contacted HP support and they aren’t giving the smc.bin file anymore due to some policy update. I also have locked Bios on my Probook 4540s. What is the alternative for smc.bin?

      1. This is my chat history with HP Support

        7:49 AM  Connecting…
        7:49 AM  Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
        7:50 AM  Saving chat transcript
        7:50 AM  Support session established with Jabez.
        7:50 AM  Jabez: Greetings, Thank you for choosing HP active chat support!
        7:50 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: Hi Jabez!
        7:50 AM  Jabez: Before we proceed may I know from which country are you contacting our Support? This is to ensure that you have reached out to the right department.
        7:50 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: Pakistan
        7:52 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: I just need to reset my bios password
        7:53 AM  Jabez: Hi Hamza, apologies as the BIOS password cannot be reset sir!
        7:53 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: Why?
        7:53 AM  Jabez: The only option is to contact the Service provider to replace the system board of the PC
        7:54 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: System Board replacement just to remove bios password :O
        7:56 AM  Jabez: The only option is that you can try to retain/remember the password or the system board replacement is the only option
        7:57 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: My friend told me that the support team will provide me a file called smc.bin not board replacement advice.
        7:58 AM  Jabez: Apologies as HP has stopped the process of the Smc.bin file 2 years ago Mohammed
        7:58 AM  Muhammad Hamza Umar: If you need any evidence for my ownership I can provide it
        8:00 AM  Jabez: The BIOS password cannot be reset on the PC the only option is to replace the system board of the PC sir

        This is the link to the HP Support Community.

        I am blind now, Is there any other way?

  2. bro pls share the SMC.bin file because i don’t have the bill since it’s a businesses laptop
    pls bro i really need it and i also have the probook 4540s
    notice if any one have the file pls don’t hesitate
    to send

    1. I did that a long time ago. And sorry I don’t have that file anymore 🙁 Just give HP support the laptop bill and they will send one.

  3. Hello I have HP probook 4440s laptop it started to run slow and lag with windows 10 so I went in to the BIOS to change some things but could not get in went on YouTube to see what I can do next thing I reset it back to factory mode they that will help me with the bios administrator password user id it didn’t so now no laptop and BIOS administrator password user id still their so just a black screen can you please help me out with this problem

  4. Bro can you please share the SMC.bin file ? I have the same Hp Probook 4540s but unfortunately my warranty just ran out and my BIOS is locked :p Can you please post a link to smc.bin ?

    1. Hello as I’ve told by the support that the smc.bin file is time sensitive, btw I don’t have that file stored on my laptop anyway.

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