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How to Reset and Delete BIOS Password

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  1. John Adbard says:

    Bro can you please share the SMC.bin file ? I have the same Hp Probook 4540s but unfortunately my warranty just ran out and my BIOS is locked :p Can you please post a link to smc.bin ?

    1. Devendra says:

      Hello as I’ve told by the support that the smc.bin file is time sensitive, btw I don’t have that file stored on my laptop anyway.

  2. gusfernie7810 says:

    Design it yourself with whatever patterns you want!

  3. Lyle Francis says:

    Hello I have HP probook 4440s laptop it started to run slow and lag with windows 10 so I went in to the BIOS to change some things but could not get in went on YouTube to see what I can do next thing I reset it back to factory mode they that will help me with the bios administrator password user id it didn’t so now no laptop and BIOS administrator password user id still their so just a black screen can you please help me out with this problem

  4. Lyle Francis says:

    I forgot to say 1 more thing I had the laptop over 7 years so I lost the bill

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