How to Root Oneplus 5T with TWRP and Install magisk/Supersu

In this guide, you’ll learn to root Oneplus 5T android phone with either magisk or supersu (whichever you like) via TWRP recovery and learn to wipe, install custom ROMs such as Lineage OS 15.

Oneplus 5t is an upgrade to the oneplus 5 phone, it comes with edge-to-edge screen (almost) with a 6-inch screen 18:9 ratio. The screen resolution is still backed up to 1080p while other companies are opting 2k resolution at this price segment. There are only a few changes, like in screen and fingerprint sensor location is moved to back. Also, the price is same as the oneplus 5, with an exception in US.

Oneplus 5t first you have to unlock the bootloader of your oneplus 5t to learn more about unlocking bootloader read here.

Quick-get these files

  1. Twrp for Oneplus 5t: get it
  2. Adb & fastboot tool: get it
  3. magisk & supersu: get it

What is required?

  • Unlocked bootloader: use fastboot oem unlock command (will wipe all data).
  • Twrp recovery: To flash Magisk or Supersu module.

1. Once you unlock your bootloader you need to download the TWRP recovery image file from the link below, the twrp is the third party and hosted it androidfilehost. What you have to do is download the file and save it somewhere on your computer.

2. Now it is time to boot your phone into fastboot mode, and you can do that by simply pressing the power button + volume up button simultaneously. When your phone goes into fastboot mode connected to your computer via USB cable.

3. Download fastboot and ADB tool and extract it on your computer then open the folder press the shift key on your keyboard (hold it)  and right click in the blank area and select Open Command Prompt from here.

Redmi 2 root kit

However, if you are running on latest Windows 10 build you probably won’t find that option because it is replaced with the PowerShell menu. So you are more likely going to see “open with PowerShell” option, but that does not work, the fastboot tool only work with command prompt. You have to manually open Command Prompt as administrator and change the location to the fastboot and ADB folder. Alternatively, you can install this little registry tweak to replace power with command prompt so you can easily open Command Prompt from the fastboot folder by right-clicking along with shift key.

4. Once you open command prompt type the following command to check if your phone is successfully connected to your computer and is recognizable.

Fastboot devices

So when you type this commend it will show some number which means your phone is connected and is recognizable to your computer.

5. Now we are going to flash TWRP recovery in oneplus 5t phone, so before you use this comment make sure to copy the TWRP image file inside the fastboot folder, otherwise it will not recognize the file location.

Fastboot boot TWRP-5t.img

This command will open the TWRP recovery menu right away, and this is temporary as it will not replace the default phone recovery and the next time you boot your phone you will not find TWRP recovery.

Fastboot flash recovery TWRP-5t.img

how to root redmi 2

So what this comment does is permanently installing TWRP recovery on your oneplus 5t phone, so you can access it anytime by pressing the volume down button + power button.

On a successful flash, you would be able to open TWRP recovery mode from where you can simply install any zip file, wipe system and data partitions.




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