Display IMDB Rating in Netflix on Android and Google Chrome

Here we have Netflix and the urge to check respected title’s IMDB on the Netflix Android app and Chrome extension. The article is updated to help getting IMDB rating on Netflix on Android and Chrome. If you are happy after reading this article then please send this article to one of your colleagues, that would support this website.

[Display/Check] IMDb Rating in Netflix on Chrome and Android

The world loves consuming content from their home sadly due to the coronavirus outbreak. Netflix was one of the streaming services that quickly took advantage and saw a spike in viewership. Netflix quickly adopted feedback and introduced new features, catalogs, and new pricing in various regions, and we have more content to watch including Movies, dramas, documentaries, and more. Prime Video is a strong competitor to Netflix, but in terms of IMDb rating, Netflix doesn’t offer this while Prime Video does.

Talking more about Amazon Prime Video takes a dig into its IMDb rating features that can help you about a title’s rating and it really helps when you’re in search of great content. There are multiple times when we watch a movie and quickly hit the exit button out of boredom, some content is indeed mediocre.

Amazon Prime Video has features, but recently they added paid channels into their listing which breaks the interface, and I am no fan of their thumbnail optimizations, they look blurry and pixilated; on the other hand, Netflix maintains high-resolution thumbnails that actually made people engage more.

View IMDb ratings on the Netflix app and site

IMDb ratings in Chrome browser

The Netflix app is available for Windows 11 (including older versions) from the Microsoft store. but many likes to watch Netflix in a simple Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome extensions are a way to enhance and add various abilities and one of them is displaying an IMDb rating when you’re on Netflix’s website on Chrome.

I found Trim: IMDB Ratings chrome extension useful for this scenario. This extension fetches IMDb and Rotten Tomato ratings and shows them over Netflix titles.

IMDb ratings in the Netflix app

the scene is different for Netflix Android App, there can’t be a method where an App can show an overlay on top of the Netflix app, and since we’ve devices running on Android 12+. however, there are third-party Netflix apps that may have this function.

There was an app called, Flutter on the play store that showed a display widget over the screen for Netflix titles, but it was pulled off for unforeseen reasons.

On Chrome on Android, you can alternatively use Kiwi Browser (based on the same Chromium code) and install the IMDb Desktop chrome extension because the browser supports them.

Yes, usually people watch Netflix on their PC/Laptop or SmartTV while at night many of us turn to Mobiles devices. Installing a Chrome extension on an Android Web browser won’t give you a pleasing experience. It would be nice to see official support for IMDb rating in the Netflix app, but given Netflix provides a clutter-free interface we might not get the feature anytime soon.

Summing up: How to view IMDB Ratings on Android app and Chrome

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