Mozilla Firefox update tracker and offline download link


Firefox is among the top Windows 11 Web Browsers worldwide, with over 2.7% usage. In this article, you will find direct download links for Firefox browser variants for all operating systems. Unlike Google Chrome‘s online installers, Firefox makes it easier by giving offline installer links to the public.

Mozilla officially released Firefox 117 and 102.15.0 ESR. Mozilla is now pushing an update for the weekend and releasing Firefox 114.0.1. The ESR version is not affected

Mozilla Firefox update tracker and offline download link
Firefox website’s homepage

Mozilla Firefox’s current version

Direct Links Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer

We gathered all the links you might need.

T eNam eSi z e La st Mod ifiedD firefox Setup 117.0.exe56M28-Aug-2023 14:30FileFirefox Setup 117.0.msi56M28-Aug-2023 14:30

This could be pasted into the location bar of a browser, or used with curl or wget, e.g. wget -O FirefoxSetup.exe

For other operating systems replace ‘os=win’ with: Windows 64bit os=win64 OS X os=osx Linux x86_64 os=linux64 Linux i686 os=linux

Download Mozilla Firefox ESR Offline Installers

If you are looking for offline installers for the latest version of Mozilla Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) edition, the following direct download links will help you:

Download Firefox in other languages.

Visit this Firefox download panel and select your (#1) Browser variant (Firefox Beta/ Dev/ Nightly/ ESR / Android / iOS) and then (#2) preferred installer (Windows 32/64 Bit, ARM, Mac, Linux) in the third dropdown select your preferred language.

The installer for your preferred language will download, and you can then proceed to install it.

Mozilla Firefox update tracker and offline download link
Firefox download for other languages

After that, the installer file will be downloaded to your computer. Now you just need to double-click to install Firefox on your system. On Windows, the installer process will look like this.

Mozilla Firefox update tracker and offline download link
Firefox installation on Windows

You will notice a number of sponsored shortcuts and news by pocket. You can try them by clicking on the gear icon and toggle shortcuts and recommended by pocket options.

Mozilla Firefox update tracker and offline download link
Cleaning up Firefox’s sponsored links and news

That’s all for Firefox, we have provided you quick links to download Firefox browser to your system, these are installer files that you can keep on your system to install Firefox whenever you need it. Most of the Firefox links are offline installers, once installed you do not need to download the Firefox again if there is a newer version available to update Firefox, just go to Firefox settings and then click on Check for Updates.

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