Top 6 Music Streaming sites to listen songs nonstop

 Music streaming sites Of All time

Let’s face it, the famous once are Spotify, pandora and a few else, but most of the time they are available for US and Canada users. That’s why we’ve gone a step-ahead and picked some top music streaming sites, so you can listen to music, location should not be a restriction (Well, if you forget about copyright laws, blah).

Here is a list of best music streaming sites, so you can listen to new or your favorite songs, peacefully. No sign-up, subscription plan is required, however some of them have premium plans to get extra functions. Most of the mentions are of free music streaming sites and a few of them are subscription based or pay-per-track streaming music sites. And you can listen songs on the Web, on your mobile phone, or even in your car’s music system.

Saavn : Not just bollywood

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Saavn is not just for indian users or Bollywood lovers—it’s more than that. You can also listen to hollywood tracks, download them, loop them. You can change the bitrate according to your internet connection speed. On the web you can only listen up to 128Kbps, but in mobile app you can go upto 320, crystal clear sound. But seriously even in the 128kbps the sound is just near amazing and pretty much enough. I’ve compared a same song on Saavn and Gaana, found out Saavn quality is far much better. Pro-features requires paid-subscription to get the all features such as 320 kbps streaming, downloading song, ad-free, unlock Saavn original content and appreciate the amazing service. One unique feature is the “Radio” which is not an actual radio station instead suppose you search for “Bebe Rexha” and clicked the radio button, this will play all songs of the singer automatically, one after one, and you can get back to work. Saavn is available on Android, IOS and Windows.

Boozooo → Saavn

Google Play Music

music streaming sites and apps, best, free, good

The product is from the Google, which makes this a better alternative to any music streaming site, the music catalog is really big, bigger, and better. Better bit rate.

This is a tricky one, but let me ease this out for you. With the standard use or say free, you can upload your music, which means your collection of songs and listen to them on a computer or Mobile. You can purchase songs from the Play store, which is again a humungousaur kind of ocean for music, use the search option to find the song you’re looking to or check new release to find some more. You’ll need to attach a CC/DC in order to get all the functionality, this is because the copyright law vary in each country. The service is available on Web, Android IOS and other mobile platform.

Boozooo → Google Play Music / Store

Microsoft Groove Music

music streaming websites and apps, best, free, good

Microsoft’s attempt to music, there is no counts to the songs available there. You can just search for a song and listen to it, as this is a legal store, new releases comes fast to it. Well like the Itunes, all the songs are paid and you’ve to use your debit or Credit card to make purchase. If you’re looking for a simple free media streaming app, skip this one. As this is not actually a website, an app that is built-in in Windows 10. Though, you can access the Music store from your browser and listen to a segment of any song for free.


music streaming sites, best, free, good

Available in US and Canada, another good music streaming. And oh, bebe Rexha, I love her. This has nothing to do with this article. I just wanted to express the love, somewhere. Apart from the rexha, this is a good websites with songs-songs-songs. Additionally you can Sign-up to use some features, make a playlist and access to various settings. Though, there will be some advertisement but yeah, cool. Access to thousands of music tracks and tons of stations created by experts, also radio for sport and comady and many hosted music shows. Free users can make their own radio stations and listen to it, only can skip 6 tracks per hour, well it won’t come to that point? maybe I guess.

The paid plan have some amazing features such as, ad-free experience, offline saving, no limit of skips, and custom playlists and frankly I’m out of ideas.

Ohh baby Slacker // Bebe Rexha


music streaming sites, best, free, good

Open the site, search for artist or track and dive in. You can listen to songs and watch videos, though you’ll need to sign up to watch to the videos or to select your preferred settings. The user interface is simple yet feels nice to the eyes. Also you can navigate throughout the songs you played using the navigation buttons. Without sign in you can’t control the music quality, or create a Playlist. The user interface is very pleasing to eyes, a dark default layout, distraction-free.

Watch out Tidal


music streaming sites, best, free, good

A different music streaming site, let’s say a remix-music streaming website. Basically you can found remixes and user created music on this website. of course you won’t get original tracks here, but again they have got so many categories and tons of music tracks. The interface reminds me the Google style websites, they are simple and easy to navigate. So even a 5-year kid can listen to music, well, why would a kid would jump and do this? anyway.

Listen to MixCloud

Some Online Radio.

Here are some music streaming sites, if you’re not in a mood to listen to a specific song, surprise yourself and listen to music according to your mood. Yes, set a mood like “romantic” and dive-in.

Musicovery Play Songs Online As per your Mood



Everyone knows. A player, music buy-and-streaming service.



music streaming sites, best, free, good

Simple yet useful free audio listening website, where you can listen songs, upvote or downvote them. It has many stations, for god sake you can skip songs. Also available on IPhone and Android. The right sidebar contains useful links of the playing song, such as, lyrics, buy and view the artist’s profile.

music streaming sites, best, free, good

Yes, once again bebe rexha <3, is it okey to mention her multiple time? is one nig shark in the music industry, and you can directly listen to music or tracks, and the music player UI (at the top) is hardwired with the Youtube, so instead of playing just a music track, you kind of listening (watching) from the Youtube. Other than that there are much more, that I can’t sum up at this time.


Artist included: Bebe Rexha <“3_e”> / Facebook / Instagram

So that everything you need to take out your headphone (or EarBuds) quite the world and enjoy the music, for now, forever. Do you mind take a step back and say something about bebe rexha, oh come on man. She literally helped me writing the post and taking screenshots. Apart from that, above listed free music streaming sites should be enough to find the one you can spend hours listening to music.

Do you know more free music sites or online streaming apps? Feel free to mention them below.

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