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When you tap into programming the operating system is an essential aspect you should not overlook. Even though an OS should not restrict you from using your preferred language it’s useful to read the options before you make your move.

Over the years people are so confused with all sides of this argument, saying that, <platform name> is the best or that or this.” So this is an effort to clear the cloud abovve your what is best for your development purpose, this article poses the differences in each platform in relation to general web development.

The competing operating systems are these three: iOS, Linux, & Windows.

But first break down programming in following sections.

(i) Coding Language (C, C++, Python, Java and so on)

There are many languages to choose when you start coding, it can be any language and since there are a plethora of IDE platforms for Linux based distribution, Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS. It doesn’t matter because people who used Windows for over 5 and more year are coding on Linux and don’t yearn Mac. When your focus is on programming and code writing, you probably won’t like the plethora of background services and multitasking makes it hard to focus on coding. When you use Linux the current app takes the whole place and somehow it manages to put all the focus on a single work; which is coding in your case. When you want a true, monolithic experience in programming, go for Linux. But why stick with Linux when you know coding is not dependent on operating system. You like Windows, use it. If you love Linux, chose any distribution. Do you have a Mac on your desk, nothing wrong to use it?

(ii) Operating System Level

For this category, you have to select dedicated Operating System.

When you’re developing a Windows program (.exe) you must go with Windows as you can test it and more importantly you’ll know how it will work.

Want to Develop Linux then go with Linux Distributions and there is also Many Distributions and their factors are different but target a distribution and learn all things and then Linux will be easy to use.

For developing Mac Apps, using Mac OS is advisable.

Choice That you have.

  1. Windows use IDEs like Net Beans, Visual Basic, Code Blocks, Dev C++ (and plenty of more to choose from)
  2. Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) use Code Blocks and Net Beans.
  3. Android Development is very easy with Android Studio both in Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) no problem there, both are flexible.

Operating System doesn’t matter for programming!

For example, you would be able to run all program including — whether it be C++, Python, Java, Pascal or anything else on every operating system. When you solely want to focus on programming you may want a simple lightweight Operating System and a compiler(or an interpreter) to run your program!

Cross-Platform Features

  • Most languages can be developed on any platform
  • Most IDE’s and other developer tools are cross-platform (within reason)
  • All Platforms (that I know of) can use Git
  • Most platforms have the ability to run another platform along-side or within themselves, in some way. (Usually via a 3rd party application)

iOS Features

  • Almost everything is visually well polished
  • Things are not free, you’ve got to pay
  • You can  use Photoshop
  • Is POSIX
  • Ability to install programs via GUI by default
  • Useful apps are pre-installed
  • Upgrades to major version every year
  • Not large portion of Web servers use this platform, but it is closely related to the most commonly used platform.

Linux Features

  • Most things are open source (aka free-for-developers)
  • Has a “sink or swim” learning curve (aka not typical-user friendly)
  • Has a dozen Photoshop alternatives, but no Photoshop
  • Is POSIX
  • Typically installs programs via CLI by default (fast)
  • Some useful applications pre-installed with minimal bloatware, if any.
  • Typically upgrades major version every 1 or 2 years, occasionally less. (easily installed)
  • Most servers use some variation of this platform

Windows Features

  • Most products/services are designed for this platform
  • Has many security issues
  • Can use Photoshop
  • Is not POSIX
  • Installs programs via GUI by default (slow)
  • Few useful applications pre-installed. Unless you install the OS, it always has a lot of bloatware.
  • Upgrades major version two or three times in a decade, occasionally more/less. (pain in the *** almost every time)
  • Some servers use this platform

Features source.

Operating systems for programming

If you choose Linux as your programming operating system then some best Linux distribution is as follows. It’s easy to setup C++ development environment to compile and run using Eclipse IDE. If you’re interested check the following guide.

How To Setup C++ Development Environment In Linux

You’ve seen it’s easy to setup Eclipse (pre-configured for Java) to work with C++ projects. Linux allows a wide range of IDE you can choose from, it all depends on your demands.

For that, you’ll need a Linux Distro that can download from Ubuntu Software store, so the working Distro is Ubuntu, Pop OS, elementary OS, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and so on. Moreover, you can always sideload your favorite IDE on most of the Linux distributions.

1. Pop! OS: is developer focused

Pop OS is developer focused Linux based operating system. The interface is elegant and it’s easy to get used to it compared to Ubuntu or other distributions. It comes preloaded with so many tools for programming and coding that you’ll find yourself tinkering with. One solid pro is that the operating system is around developers, but in fact, anyone who can use Ubuntu would be happy to use this distribution as well.

Best operating system for programming

2. Arch Linux: is the all-you-do type.

The Arch Linux has a wide fan base, it comes with latest Linux Kernel and package manager. It’s easy to install apps using terminal from the app store. With arch Linux, you’ll have to gather things and choose components. You can customize it to make an operating system for programming and development purposes. The Arch community is consist of people having experience in programming, you get the company and help them so no worries.

the operating system is a one-time installation with always up to date bleeding edge distro repository. On every month (first week) you get system update, and you can choose to install them automatically letting you work more on the development and worry less about system stability and security.

Penetration can also be done by converting Arch Linux into BlackArch installation with help of some instructions.

You should use Arch Linux because of its flexibility to adapt to your preference. Especially when you have used a Linux before, don’t you think it’ll be awesome to build a personal system?

3. Windows 10.. Errrr..

Windows is widely used, accepted and pirated operating system and you can use it for development and programming purpose. People who choose Linux over Windows always complain about the background process that it runs makes less resource available for programming apps. When you have to work with Visual Studio (Microsoft Azure) windows might be a better and suitable choice. A lot of developers first build Mac apps then make a version for Windows platform, so there is not a big learning curve when you shift from MAC to Windows, as Windows is widely available and you can install it on cheap machines, unlike MAC.

Learn programming with Windows using C++

Best operating system for programming

An operating system should not limit you in your coding and compiling tasks. Rather, now you have a better understanding that Linux may offer you a better platform for sharp coding and programming skills. If you’re a company or a team then you acknowledge building a cross-platform is essential for survival, in that case, divide your team to work on different operating system app versions.

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