What is Canuckle, Canadian Wordle Game, and Today’s Answer


Canuckle is a Canadian Wordle spin-off so If you happen to be a Canadian or have a love for such things, this article is all about that and is for you. It’s a successful Wordle game design for everyone living in Canada. It has an end date of July 1, 2022, which means this game will end on that date and you cannot play it anymore so you have roughly e one month to play and guess the Canadian-related words. There are a few websites that collect daily Canuckle words. At the bottom of the article, you will find the table containing all the Canadian Wordle words.

Today’s Canuckle Word of June 19, 2022

Canuckle Answer of 22 May 2022 is LITRE

Canuckle; Wordle spin-off for Canadians

This Canadian wordle spinoff is created by Ottowa resident mark Rogers, and he couldn’t describe it more perfectly than this.“Every word at the end is going to be related to Canada in some way and it’s got some sort of theme that can be tied back to Canada.”

He simply started the game for his family to have some entertainment, the game is free to play and can be accessed from any web browser. Anatomy very soon the game started to capture millions of unique visitors. In an interview, Rogers said his children were the main inspiration behind the game. Sadly you can only enjoy this game until July 1st, after that the game developer may expand the period but it will be tough to add more words related to Canada in one way or another.

How to play Canuckle and

The game is fairly simple the game is hosted on a guitar project that you can access using the below link.


Once you open the page you will see an information prompt where it is mentioned that the game is Canadian or you can say a have lots of words related to Canada. And throughout the game fun facts will be displayed.

How to play Canuckle and Rules

The game code originates from the original Wordle game, and pretty much all the rules are there. Eventually solving the puzzle is the goal here and when you do that a fun fact will be revealed that will be related to the word. The only difference in Canucke is tied to Canadian Related words. So if you happen to live in Canada or have a love for Canadian things you can surely check out the game.

Now that you have read all the rules about the game, and the information required to guess the words. It’s time that you try to solve the world mystery of the day. Start your game by guessing a word related to Canada or Canadian things. You have to Type 5 letters. And the game will give you hints. You have to type 5 letters and the game will give you hints on whether or not the typed letter is in the word.

You will get 6 chances, and a color code will help you in the game.

Red highlight: the letter is correct and is in the right spot.
Yellow Highlight: the letter it is in the world but at the wrong spot
Grey Highlight: the letter is not in the world

You may click on the X button to close the prompt and start your game.

Canuckle Settings

if you’re setting to enhance the experience is available in the settings option. Click on the Settings icon that appears on the right side of the game. there you have a hard mode, dark theme, and high contrast mode to improve color vision.

That’s all for this another Wordle spin-off, it’ll go down in a month. here is all the daily words list of Caunckle.

Some FAQ.

Is Canuckle ending?

Canuckle is all set to end on Canada Day (July 1, 2022). The game will stay on the website, and the maintainer may review it with another round of go.


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