What is Whatsapp Live Location and how to use it

Update: Whatsapp live location is available from today, I got this feature even without updating the app. The…

Update: Whatsapp live location is available from today, I got this feature even without updating the app.

The feature is being rolled out for both Android and iPhone mobile app. The WhatsApp Live Location Sharing option isn’t something permanent (such as in Google maps) and will only let you share live location for 15, 30 minutes and 8 hours. You can stop sharing your real-time location any time you want. In case you want to stop sharing location turning off the GPS will do the work.

Today, I woke up, thought to finish this article as I know live location feature is coming in few weeks, but today I asked my sister to send me her location to figure out how much time after I should leave home to pick up her. Shockingly, she sent me live location, I was like, what? This feature just made it. I opened the live location she sent and yeah, it was working fine, also there are options for satellite view and rest. So here are the final thoughts on live location feature in WhatsApp along with proper instructions to use this features while maintaining privacy and safety.

What live location?
So what this new feature allows is sharing your location in real time with your friends or family. Live location is a decent and easy way to let your friends and family know where are you exactly.

For instance, you’re meeting up with friends or coming to the home, this live location let your family to know your location, so they know you’re safe.

Also, for example, you’re coming home on holiday, so instead of your family calling you every five minutes, you can gently send them your live location using WhatsApp, so they eventually have an idea of where are you and when will you reach home.

If your friends going to a party or picnic, and all of you have to gather to a place to start your day, one can ask each person to share their live location, so other members track each other. Of course, we have friends in a group who lie about their location and keep saying “coming in five minutes” when you ask them by calling.

Live location isn’t very new, other services like Snapchat and massager already introduced to similar feature.

WhatsApp is a favorite and is widely used chat application, and the live location feature has its own advantage. The feature is currently available in the beta version of the Android and iOS app, in upcoming days it will take place on both Android and iOS store as stable version. Then you can update your WhatsApp app to use this feature.

How to send live location in WhatsApp.

Sending live location on WhatsApp is similar to sending static or one-time location. Here is how to send live location to a WhatsApp contact or in a group.

Step 1. Start by opening a chat or group thread where you want to share your location. However, for safety precautions do not share Your live location in a larger group.

Step 2. Tap on the attachment icon which is located in right bottom site. Then tap on location button.

Step 3. Make sure your phones GPS is turned on, then tick the live location option and send it. Now choose the time limit of live location for a specific time like fifteen minutes or so and tap on sending live location. It’s done.

People with whom you shared location will be able to see your current location, (unlike the consist location) when you move your location will update and the people will know where are you.

How to stop whatsapp live location?

Of course at some instance, if you want to stop sharing live location, there is a kill switch which is to turn off the location service (GPS), easiest way? Say “ok Google” then command “turn off GPS” to open the location setting to quickly toggle location.

So what are your views about the long-awaited feature which finally make its way to Facebook-owned chat messaging app? A part of users aren’t happy with this features, according to them the blue tick already killed several hundred relationships and this feature may broke left ones. Funny things aside, we should respect WhatsApp for giving this feature which practically helps your family to know that you’re moving and safe.

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