YouTube Vanced 16.02.35 APK Download for Android

YouTube vanced is a modded version that folks over XDA build. It’s ad-free and not for everyone. It support playing music even if you close the app. When you’re watching a video, going to home or to other apps will not stop the audio and incited it will continue in the background which you can control from the notification bar.

Some other features are that it doesn’t allow Ads in videos, which is a bummer for a publisher who makes video content. However, this is a nice for people who always desired a dark or black you-tube mobile app to watch videos in the night or dark room; this helps reduce the eye strain.

Also, you can purchase the YouTube Red if it’s available in your country.

For non root

YouTube Vanced APK | Download

For root users

YouTube Vanced APK | Download

If you’ve installed magisk to manager root permission on your android, you’d want to use YouTube vanced magisk version instead.

To sideload this app on your mobile, you first need to authorize the setting for non-play-store apps to be installed. Go to settings > Security and allow apps to be installed.  Also, when you install this app it will ask you to allow installation of unauthorized apps.


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