The 12 Best Magisk Modules You can Install

Magisk is the new way to root your phone as well as to add special programs called modules to your Android device. It allows installing tiny programs to tweak the functionality of your android phone, change the interface and add customization options.

The number one benefit of using Magisk framework is installing a mod that does a thing or two. So if you want to change your notification bar, add traffic speed; Magisk is the thing you need. You don’t have to make system-wide changes, just install the mod and it’ll do the work you seek.

The Magisk installer is an app which you have to install after flashing its framework using a custom recovery. After that, you can use it to search (and install) little mods (or say programs) individually. These kinds of mods do certain things, some of them modify the interface, add soft-nav keys, show traffic speed on the status bar, hide the clock. And many other.

Things to do before installing Magisk Modules.

Since you can easily rollback installed modules, don’t back up your device data as it can overstep. There might be an incompatibility with a particular module to your Android OS. In that case, you open the Magisk Installer app, from the left sidebar choose Downloads, and uninstall/disable the module.

Best Magisk Framework Modules

Without modules, Magisk is empty. There are more than 1200 modules for it, and we are not counting the number of unofficial modules. We have chosen the best-Magisk modules; you might want to install.

1. YouTube Vanced


First things first, it’s a modded version of youtube with adblocking (no ads, channel brand, end-screen visuals) with support background playback support. That way if your Android supports Picture in picture mode, Vanced youtube will work. While you could install Youtube Vanced without root, this Magisk module replaces Youtube with Vanced version. Choose from dark and black themes available for all (ARM, ARM64, and ARMx86_64) CPU architecture mobile phones.

2. Youtube Adway


Just like the name YouTube Ad-away is a module that kicks ads from Youtube app. When you watch videos less often you might not need it but if you find yourself tinkering on YouTube, save some time and watch more videos. For a better experience, check the modded version of the YouTube app (#9) that comes along with powerful ad blocking.

3. Dolby Atmos


Try this mod, it is one of the best sound mod. This adds Dolby Atmos audio enhancements to devices which do not support it officially.

4. Emoji One and Oreo Emoji

download / Emoji One

If your phone is running on Nougat or lower, one thing you’ll quickly notice is that you don’t have those latest circular Emoji featured in Android Oreo. The new emoji consist of round face, also Oreo introduced new emojis. Here is the thing, you can have those emoji on your Lollipop+ Android phone without updating your ROM. In fact, there might be not an Oreo ROM available for your mobile phone. In that case, it’s better to use this module to get Oreo style emoji on your phone.

5. Gravity box


The Swiss knife kind of Android tweaks. It consists of Status bar tweaks, display tweaks, Power, lock-screen and power tweaks. You can individually install the Gravity box as an extension; you can also install as Magisk module. Apps like Greenify utilizes Gravity Box to work better.

6. CrappaLinks

download (xposed)

When you open a link on your phone, it will open it in a browser instead of their app. For example, you click a youtube link, what’s the fun when the video opens in a new browser tab (18:9 screen users won’t like it). You may not want to install an app form the browser interface of the play store. So if you want to fix that, use this module to open links to their apps.

This is a problem with some apps (like Instagram) when you click on a link they will open that in browser windows within the app. However, you can open that link in your normal browser and it might redirect you to those apps, i.e. Youtube, play store.

7. QuickSwitch

Android pie recent app screen on your device’s custom launcher.


This module allows a user to give access to Quickstep (Android Pie recent) app screen to custom launchers. For example, it displays dock icons and search bar in recent screen on various Pixel phones. You can add this function to third party launchers with help of this magisk module. Note it required Magisk 17+ and phone running on Android Pie.

8. SetDPI


It allows changing the DPI (known as dots per inch) of your device screen. Helpful if you want to make stuff bigger or smaller. This works on every phone running on Android 5.0+ with Magisk installed. Change DPI from 120 to 420, anything less than 240 makes contents smaller and should be done on a high PPI device.

9. Pix3lify [Unity]


This module adds pixel features to any Android 8.0+ device. This includes Modded Pixel 2 Launcher, the fantastic Google wallpapers app, icons fetched from GApps package). Full pixel system accent, Google lens (you) and more pixel only wallpapers through Google wallpaper app. In addition to that, the Google assistant has Google sans font family, pixel audios (ringtone, notification, alarms). This module will also enable camera 2 API support.

10.  Netflix Enabler


Netflix restricts rooted devices from streaming to prevent privacy. Thie modules will allow rooted devices to stream Netflix, no more error 5.2. You can also make the Netflix app into thinking your phone is not rooted. For that open, the Magisk installer application, select the hide option and choose Netflix app. That will prevent the app from knowing your phone is rooted. Some other applications like Google Tez also do not work if it recognizes your phone is rooted, you can apply the same in those cases.

Otherwise you can just go to the Magisk app, then Magisk Hide and select “Netflix” or any other streaming app.

11. Enable Google Lens in Google Photos

Update: Google Photos now supports more devices to have Google lens within Photos app.


You can use Google lens feature in Google photos to get Useful information when you took a picture of a business card, book, Landmark of building, painting any museum. The Google lens scans the picture and gives more details about the picture. With time Google will roll out the feature to flagship smartphones and then eventually to all Android devices just like they did with Google assistant.

12. Fingerprint Scanner Booster:


Unless you are using a smartphone that features Ultra fasting fingerprint unlock, you can use this module to speed up the process. Boosts Fingerprint sensor’s responsiveness by prioritizing its process. The fingerprint scanner process on Oneplus and Xiaomi devices is faster compared to other devices. If your device happens to struggle and keep you waiting when authenticating fingerprint this module might save you seconds.

13. Google Framework:


Forgot flashing Gapps? Do not worry you can still use Google apps. Use this module as Gapps alternative when you don’t want (or forgot) to flash it, but want to use Google apps like Youtube and Google Dialer. Without the google framework and OpenGApps, google apps won’t work on your phone.

There are people with less ram mobile and those who try everything to get a hight screen on time. The reason can be anything to not installing the Gapps. Even the lightest Gapps package is around 100 MB but if you want to go a step further check out this module.

14. Max Resolution for YouTube


We all know better resolution means better clarity. If you have a 1080p mobile screen, then YouTube only allows you to watch videos at 1080p resolution even if a video is uploaded in 4K resolution. This is a myth that if you have a 1080p screen and you watch a 2k video on it, the experience will be the same as if the video is 1080p. That’s not true at all. For better viewing pleasure this will unlock 2k resolution on all devices and 4k res on supported.

15. Doze for Google Play services


Doze is a feature to save your battery when the phone goes idle. Google Play service is one of the system services for which the battery use is not optimized. Go to settings then battery Optimisation, you will see do not optimize under Google Play Store service or the Optimize button is grayed out. It means you cannot optimize battery used for Google Play Store service and that’s wise because this is one of the system services that consistently serves you. For example, you can install applications on your Android phone through the Google Play Store from a computer.

Conclusion – Magisk-is-OK

Magisk Framework built by an XDA developer and is systemless. The new revamped version allows us to manage root permission and install modules and effectively removing them if something goes wrong or otherwise your expectations. It’s is popular that some Custom ROM like Resurrection Remix provides it within the ROM, so you don’t have to install it separately. Just install an RR rom, and you’ll get the Magisk Framework with the installer app to start installing modules to acquire features to your liking and tune things in many ways.

There are so many magisk modules out there on the XDA website waiting for people like you, what modules you are using and which one you think is the best magisk modules in terms of the better result.

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