10 Best Custom Android 12 ROM Projects


Android is the most popular mobile operating system, and it gets updated. Most smartphone companies offer further customized Android ROM on their phones. Today we’ll discuss the best custom Android 10 ROM projects, using them you can transform your Android phone to something new, something fascinating, and of course Android 12.

PS: Android grants powerful options if you root your phone. You can overclock the processor, take a Nandroid backup or uninstall system apps. In fact, change the overall look of your mobile from its core. With Custom Android ROM it is possible to have an Android experience that the manufacturers of your phone don’t want you to have. I don’t know why some brands are so obsessed to add kiddish features such as the MI DROP in MIUI that is just a copy of Xender or Share It. Also, MIUI phones do not get an android version update as they arrive. Instead, they add some tools and sends monthly updates. Well, that is better where Samsung and other big brands don’t even push updates at all. By so far few brands like OnePlus doing very well here, their ROM is called the OxigenOS which is much similar to Lineage OS, and it gives you the latest and stock experience.

Also, MIUI phones do not get an android version update as they arrive. Instead, they add some tools and sends monthly updates. Well, that is better where Samsung and other big brands don’t even push updates at all. By so far few brands like OnePlus doing very well here, their ROM is called the OxigenOS which is much similar to Lineage OS, and it gives you the latest and stock experience.

Think no further, choose an Android ROM that seems interesting, and test it for a couple of days before using it daily. (Just in case you brick your device visit XDA-developers).

Lineage OS

Lineage OS website

Lineage OS ROM

Lineage OS—if you missed all the news about it, catch them here. LineageOS brings all the features your mobile manufacturers may not have included in their own custom Android OS they shift with Phones. Also, Lineage OS gives a stock Android operating system feel, so for that reason alone, one should try this popular custom Android OS on your phone. We even created a separate website to help people understand lineage OS and install it on their smartphones. We named the site “LineageMod” a combination of both eras.

The Lineage OS version 18 is based on Android 11. Most of the supported devices received version 17. Do not get confused between CyanogenMod and Lineage OS, and it is just the same only the name was changed.

Pixel Experience

PixelExperiance website

Custom Android 10 ROM

This project is my new favorite – apart from packing all the pixel goodies – it comes with GApps which makes Play store certified, the benefit is that you can install Netflix and other apps from the play store, without it you can’t find these apps. It also packs device-specific features and a Google camera. I recently get used to Pixel Experience ROM on Oneplus 5T based on Android 11 with the latest security update – isn’t it cool?

Almost all the phones listed in the supported devices (Asus, Google, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung ) are based on Android 11 Pixel Experience.


Visit website

A total of 117 devices are currently able to receive CrDroid version 7 officially. This ROM is stable and using it as a daily driver should be fine. You also get to view the changelog for each device that helps in tracking issues and bugs. Custom firmware and recovery images are also provided on a particular device page.

CrDroid v8 is based on Android 12, A mashup of several custom ROM features and merged into one perfect, gorgeous custom Android ROM. In general, these ROM unofficial builds can be found on the XDA website for your device. It is a hell of a custom Android ROM, that takes features and customizable ideas from other ROMs and merges them into one, and the outcome is worth trying. When you want an Android custom ROM that is entirely new and full of surprises, then it can be an exquisite choice. But the worst thing that can happen to your device is you might do not get the official build.


Visit ArrowOS site


ArrowOS is AOSP based project offering things simple they should be. With added just the right stuff to get through the say while having smooth performance. The Project started offering Android version 12 for some devices.


Havoc OS

Visit website

Over 150 devices can install havoc OS, while not all but based on Android 11. The project extremely combines features of major Custom ROM to offer an exceptional customization experience. But don’t get me wrong, there are only a few devices that are supported with Havoc OS based on Android 11. While some devices like Oneplus 5T are left out in the desert. The features list a massive, it offered me “swipe to dismiss notifications” on my Oneplus 5T, pretty cool.


Visit website

Mokee Android 10 ROM

Mokee ROM currently runs at Android 10 for the majority of devices and a few are on Android 11. The devices pages contain information about device specification, Mokee version which displays the Android version, size, and date. The only weird part we found was that it put someone on hold for about 60 seconds before giving a link to download the ROM ZIP file, although the server download speed is good.

Paranoid Android

If you’re looking for something new and amazing, try out this android ROM. It gives some of the unique features that you won’t get anywhere, neither in brands custom ROM nor other custom ROMs. The features make it stand out from the crowd. It has a Theme Engine to change the looks instantly, in simple words, it uses the same theme customize platform the CyanogenMod was offering (CM is the Lineage OS). Taking of features, it has fascinating “Pie” can be used to ease out using the navigation button just by swiping. “Peek” enables glance to notification just after they arrive. The “Hover” allows you to reply to messages right from the notification area without breaking anything.

It is also going popular along CyanogenMod (which is known as lineage OS for now) this role also features hey breathtaking simple yet can interface whom you can customize as per your wish. In other words, being Paranoid Android custom ROM is a project focusing more on the interface and unique features, and it has quite achieved that as well.

It also comes with a, what, you can say you more like of a full-screen mode which does hide the notification bar and navigation bar, and that makes the screen even more content-focused no matter what you are doing on it. Talking about the number of devices supported is very less because officially they release for brand smartphones like Google Nexus, one plus, etc. but if you take a step ahead and crawl the XDA website, you would find many unofficial paranoid ROM builds for many Android devices.

Resurrection Remix

Ressurection Remix version based on Android 10 Screenshots

Similar to Lineage OS, but available for a smaller range of smartphones. But still, if there is a Lineage OS for your device, an RR builds is likely to be there. Around 103 Devices can get an official RR build and there may be other unofficial ports created by some developer for a smaller community. Just like Lineage OS, RR builds have stock and some extensive features. The official website is powered by the h5ai framework, so there is nothing but focus on Files you can download according to your device.

The Custom Android 10 ROM Competition

Apart from these popular custom Android ROM projects here are some others you can check out.

Device Special ROM

Some popular devices receive special project custom builds and therefore they are device-specific. One example is DerpFest for Oneplus 5T, in which they offer a pure Pixel experience but with lots of stable features and functionalities.

If you are looking for a custom Android ROM that looks sumptuous, this might feel like something off the road. It gives an original stock Android interface but at the same time is focused on delivering more stable performance on your device. The ROM utilizes the hardware of your Android phone more efficiently. Also, the ROM is always stable that makes very fewer chances that you encounter any bug in daily use. Here comes the sad part, this ROM is only available for Nexus devices. But if you are ok to dig into XDA forums you might find a build for the devices you use. The builds are based on Marshmallow with tons of features that won’t lag the overall performance.

Liquid Remix – It takes features from other ROM projects and blinds them to create an epic user experience without compromising features.

AKOP – Around 97+ Devices are officially supported. I am not a big fan of it, but it has some custom features and lots of unicorns on its website. Maybe the first time you look, it will not seem any compelling. At all. It is filled with so many unique features like custom vibration patterns, custom toggles, and gestures support. Even if it looks ugly old KitKat interface but it got advanced level customizability, but if you are too concerned about having a current-looking ROM you might want to skip this one.

Omi ROM Supports some devices of Nexus Devices, Oppo, Sony Mobile, Samsung, HTC, Asus, LG brands. So chances are less that your device is on the support list. Such as they currently don’t make ROM for MI phone, or One Plus. But it looks like the download page of the following custom Android ROM redirects to the homepage. So I don’t know how do you do install this when you cannot even open the download page. I hope they will fix the issue very soon (fixed).

BlissPop – Frankly, BlissPop is underrated. Recently when we searched, we’ve found that they also provide 32-bit and 64-bit Android OS for computers, though not powerful as Remix OS but also they should not be ignored as well. The central element of this ROM is called Blissed Interface that comes in handy to change all the necessary settings in one place. Talking about customizability, you could change fonts and other elements, the status bar for example. Like another top custom Android ROM’s it has features such as LiveDisplay, left-hand mode, and some more. If you’re looking to try out this ROM, visit the link below and download the build for your device. Please note that each device has a code name so you should know what’s your device’s codename. For example, the Redmi Note 3 is called “Kenzo.”


Q. Which ROM is play store certified?

A. Normally if ROM has pre-installed GApps, they are play store certified. Without it, you can not find Netflix in the play store.

Bring Android 10 with Custom ROM

There are plenty of other custom ROMs available for Android but we found these to be the best out of them. These custom Android ROMs pack in lots of features and they are stable, which is an important thing to know in the world of Android mods. So, what are you waiting for? Try any ROM you like and let us know your experience and how you like it.


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