Add AdSense Ads in Middle of Blogger Posts


Adding ads inside blogger post is now possible with some sort of script, after that you might see a spike in your applicable advertising network revenue. In this guide, we will show you how to add an AdSense ad inside a blogger post and that to automatically. You don’t have to add ads to each of your blogger posts. Instead, I will guide you to add a script in your blogger blogs template source code, so it will automatically load AdSense ad inside all of your blogger posts.

Show Ads Inside All Blogger Post (Automatically Add adsense Ads Middle in Blogger Posts)

Add adsense Ads Middle in Blogger Posts

AdSense is one of the pictures advertisement network platforms Google has ever seen. There are 2 major type of earning methods one is by advertisement and other affiliate marketing. Here is plenty advertisement network with you can make money online. But if you ask me to choose excellent advertisement platform ever I would want Adsense without giving a second thought. Instead, if you want to make money with photography here, you can find a head start.

How to add Adsense Ads inside Blogger posts Automatically

Is not simple as 123 you need basic knowledge of Editing blogger templates.  if you are ready to start here are the steps you need to follow step by step,  and at the end you will see that the AdSense ads you define will start showing automatically inside all of your blogger posts.
  • Visit and click the blog you want to add AdSense code inside, On the left side You will see different types you need to go to a tab called ‘template. Once you clicked on that, you can see a short display showing your blog live now just beneath it click on the button that says edit HTML.
  • Now open Search tool by Pressing Ctrl + F and then Type <data:post.body/> and search for tag code, You’ll find this code several times and you may confuse which one it is going to work, But remember it is always near to this tag “Then uses the post body as the description, for good G+/FB snippeting”

Now you need to replace the above code with below code.

  • Now you need to open this link in new tab and copy all code and paste this code on Notepad temporarily, open your Adsense Dashboard and choose which ad you want to display inside all blogger posts automatically and copy the ad code.
  •  Next, convert the AdSense ad code in using Ad Converter. (Parsing makes AdSense code XML accepting one.) Now open the notepad and replace the “Paste Parsed Adsense Code Here” text line with you converted AdSense ad code;

Now I have styled the widget using few lines of CSS code, so you might want to change it according to your blog design.

You can change the position of Adsense ad code by changing the value in Red color in above code. [ 0,s.length/2) ]

Final words.
Using this method will not ensure you’ll see any earning spike in AdSense. Besides, it may increase the CTR (click through rate), but if you want more customization and flexibility to add Adsense codes inside your blogger post, you might want to shift to WordPress. Either way happy blogging and share you views in our new comment system.

  1. excellent detailed articles
    1thing not clear yet
    by doing the same as mention will only show 1 ad at the top
    how can I add two more ads 1 for the sidebar and at the bottom?
    I need to know this asap!

  2. Hi, can you please help me. the is breaking my image or post if i try center it inside my posts. can you please help me. i will really appreciate it. or you can show me how to adjust 0,s.length/2

    1. 0,s.length/2

      If you change that to, suppoe


      It will result the Ad Will go down. For example if default the Ad was showing after 2nd paragraph changing the value to higher will make the Ad appear after 2+ paragraphs.

      Can you further tell me how they are making your site’s images weird, I’d be happy to help you.

  3. Nice post. Thank you. If possible could you please reply how many ads i can show in a single post and which ads will be suitable in posts.

    1. There is now no limit of how many Ads one can place on a webpage. However, ads should be longer than the content.

      Any rectangle is fine inside post body, especially 336x and 350 variants but it a subject that depends website to website.

  4. Nice post! before reading this post I put AdSense ads on the sidebar, header, footer. Thank you.

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