Adsense Approval Definitive Guide – Tips to Make Best Revenue


the adsense approval definitive guide

This post will help you in,
› Getting Adsense Approval.
› Increase overall adsense revenue.
› help you to build a better blog.

How to earn with Google Adsense Tips to Boost Earning: Google Adsense, the best CPC advertising network for publishers. Many bloggers are monetizing their blogs with Adsense, which gives more priority to CPC ads (cost per click).  Always write optimized headlines, to attract new visitors.

While some blogger would suggest you affiliate marketing for CPA and CPl.

~ CPA (cost per action) where a visitor has to click on the advertising link and has to an action, whether it can be buying something.

~ CPl (cost per lead) where visitors have to fill out some information, like general information for himself – email and even some sort of surveys.

Here we also talk about various blogger’s who will advise different-different.

One who are using Adsense as side income platform

Harsh Aggarwal – as detailed in his last income report he states Adsense income of the corresponding month was 300$!

Assuming he is not using Adsense on a large scale, he prefers affiliate and his revenue from that go up to 5k$ per month.

One who is using Adsense on a more broad scale.

Pat flayn – In October 2015 he earned his large segment of online income from Bluehost affiliate, and that was f***ing 42k dollars $$.
And Adsense earning was 1500$.

You may notice that both are using Adsense along with affiliate networks. And it’s more profitable also. But just not use all kind of advertising network at once. Let’s sort this out.

What’s best for me?

If you are getting traffic less than 3k/per day Adsense can be your best online revenue generator. However, you can partially use affiliate marketing programs like Bluehost (Worldwide) and BigRock (India) to genrate more revenue. But again that’s all depends on what niche you are focusing.

In this post, we are dedicated to help you to get Adsense account with some decent earning tips.

Here we won’t talk about minimum specifications or cheap tricks required to apply and to make revenue through Adsense.

I assume that you want to make worth of using Adsense.

Also, take my words that it may take some months to get your first Adsense payment.

So let’s start with some points, that you need to keep in mind and work on then accordingly.

Flow is essential.

One visitor visited your one blog post ‘How to fall asleep in 1 minute’ he enjoyed the post, but later he came to know that you don’t have more Posts related to lifestyle and maybe he will bounce and will never come to your website again. 
Perhaps you are specific in your niche, 
Perhaps you are doing multi-niche,
You need visitors emails to make them visit your blog more often. 

You need to work on your blog,  so it can convert visitors into subscribers. 

Google’s Feedburner won’t work here. 
Because it just a feed burner, so personal configured newsletter. 
So it’s better to collect emails using email marketing tools, or helper tool that can manage emails.

You can either offer a download file or some offer or some promises to make then; they will fill their email on your website. 
Recommended – SumoMe for collecting leads. Email marketing tools are MailerLite.
Read more under ‘collecting leads’  heading.

Traffic is all you need.

You need traffic,

I need traffic.

Even the roads need traffic.

Even if you are getting 3 or 4 figure traffic, you require more traffic. Every serious blogger has the potential to boost their overall traffic 2x to 10x compared to current traffic. 

Mark my word; you will more seem to struggle with Adsense if you are getting little traffic. Nobody will like a daily earning of 0.50$. So make sure working on your website and you can read traffic tips here.

Work politely on your blog, and don’t just pray – ‘God I wrote a post, make it famous.’ 
No, nada, nothing. You will need to promote your content to get traffic. You can use either Facebook ads or AdWords as a paid options. 
You can get traffic by advanced SEO. SEO knowledge is what, you need to keep in mind – if you do not want to waste money on content promotions. (SEO algorithms always keep changing, also prefer having one or more professional blogger who is more into SEO analyst.

Invalid activity can be dangerous,

I am assuming you are not a money hungry publisher who can do any suspicious activity to let ad clicks.

Note that – even if you earned some bucks using illegal methods, Adsense would ban your account.

But don’t worry, you would not doing or intent to do so.

Content is still the king

Recently Google releases their human verification program.

They released a whopping 160 pages PDF. But here I’ll tell you what matters to you.

Make sure,

  • ¦ Not use ads or something that will push post content below the fold.
  • If a user needs to scroll down the page to read the content, you are in a risk.
  • ¦ if a user didn’t find the related content as your post title intent to show. You need to work.

Blah, blah, I will not bore you more. Let’s move to next paragraph.

Collecting leads if you are running a busness.

If your niche is specified as ‘gadgets root’ I am not sure visitors are going to give you their emails. Because
If a visitor have Nexus 5 and rooted using your tutorial. why would they like to receive your new posts regarding other device’s root, into their Inbox, 
Possible fixes – you need to publish some evergreen content for every smartphone user. Examples – 5 tips do after rooting your phone. It just depends on your intention too, you can grow your email list in any case. 
And if you’re doing multi-niche, getting emails leads can be done with more ease. 
But! What are you going to send to your subscribers next? 
Big question! Is not it?
So make your newsletter more accurate and have a privacy policy for that. 
You can also set up an auto-responder letting all your subscribers know that you are sending them various content and tell them to click if they like or don’t click. 
Right now I would like to link a unique pdf of this post including only pro tips. Tips that are not in this post.

Download – # Coming soon [Direct link]

Adsense can be someone’s primary monetizing network as well as someone’s partially revenue making network. It’s all depends on your intention.

If you feel, Adsense is something, which you do not need I will recommend using these Adsense alternatives.

Discover the requirements of having an Adsense account which generates money.

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