15 Blogging Tips to Follow & Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

You may have read some blogging tips earlier. But today we are not suggesting you generic advice like ‘write great content‘ instead we are discussing blogging tips that really matters.
We put together a list of tips for blogging that matters most in 2016. Added some blogging mistakes where possible in this post.

This post is not a shortcut of blogging tips and tricks, the following tips required patience and work. Blogging tips for beginners are also added in this article.
Bloggers are known for entrepreneurship, some of them are full time, supporting the family by money like Pat Flynn and Harsh Agarwal.

Common Blogging Mistakes

“In India, there are many inspirational bloggers, and there is no reason you shouldn’t get inspired. The Biggest problem in India that here people hesitate to decide to blog as a full-time job especially because of their parents. Curated for Indian Audience”

Let’s first talk about some people who opted for blogging and now makes a lot of money.

Harsh Agarwal – This is one of the very few names that pop everything when you search related queries on Google. Also, names like Harsh and Amit became the mascot of Indian blogging field.

Harsh started for the scratch and now makes a decent amount by of money by blogging, he generates the majority of online income through affiliate marketing and link advertising.

Here is the list of top blogging tips for you that can help you grow your overall blog. Help your friends by sharing this post with them.

1. Write Moderate or Long articles

Nobody loves thin articles.

Divide a post into 3 segments. Introduction, body, and conclusion.

Always start writing while keeping the end in your mind. This will help you write good content that you can publish more often.

Are you are writing on a niche or topic, that is opposite to your interest? Maybe You just want to earn online.  Tap that niche you are interested. You can also hire writers for your projects that are way opposite to your interest.

Think about the time, when your blog starts getting traffic. Rather than focusing on money.

If you are a student or part-time blogger, hack your schedule. Use Free resources to cut down the heavy work. Manage to make your headline more magical and decent. Here is an example of a long post.

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2. Keyword, Backlinks, and Anchors.

Do you write stuff that seems good to you?

Sorry to say, but you are miles away from getting $$$$$$ in your Advertisement Network Account.  You need to care about SEO if you want free traffic from Google and similar search engines.

Keywords: Maintain the main keyword at least three times in the article. Use LSI’s to fill primary keyword place. Backlinks and anchor text are the only two things that matter most. So do them wisely.

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool and gives you basic data about a keywords volume and CPC.

While Ahrefs and SemRush give you complete data about a keyword, tell you what organic keywords are causing a web page to get traffic. And you can find high volume keywords and target them to earn Hugh.

I use Long Tail Platinum to dig into untapped keywords that Google Keyword Planner usually don’t show which got great potential. You can read full review of Long Tail Pro over ReachoutSid.com for more information. He’s also providing some great discount on this cool product.

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3. English and Grammatical Errors

One of the major mistake, many bloggers make is they are not writing in a proper manner. That’s why, if someone comes to your blog and read a blog post.

What if they found any Grammar mistake or wrong English?

Then chances are likely they will close the Tab, and your blog will fade you their memory. In fact, they won’t come back to your blog.

The factor of English or blog language is prior. However, this doesn’t mean you should not blog if you think your English is not sublime. Bad English was never an excuse, said Kulwant Nagi.

Tip: Start reading excellent English posts on boost blog traffic and pro blogger.

Here is a hack you can use to learn new English words easily.

Install both Grammarly and Google Translate extensions. Tap Grammarly’s Icon and tick option that says ‘Show def and synonyms via Double click.’ Next, click the Google Translate icon and choose ‘extension options‘, next select the ‘immediately show popup‘. Also, set you primary language in google translate that you can understand.

4. Don’t Ignore comments.

Care about Blog Comments

You spend hours, daily to make your blog more awesome and content rich. Moreover, you are getting some decent amount of traffic. You have an additional potential to boost your overall traffic up to 2x just by comments.

Look there are some pro bloggers, like Neil Patel and Brien Dean of backlinko.com and Pat Flynn of SMP. Their blog is famous, so they generate revenue more than other bloggers, WORLDWIDE.

ONE Of the secrets is, daily replying your blogs comments. Look, if you care visitor comments, then the visitor cares you back.

So the technic is to get loyal readers, is to reply your blog comments, heartily.

4. Don’t Abuse the Flow.

You are not a vampire, don’t limit killing just when you feel.

Make a flow when you are running a blog. Your blog reader desires new content on your blog. So FLOW is a fundamental element of a blog. Because you want more traffic to monetize your blog, you need to update your blog more often.

Entrepreneur’s like Neil Patel publish 2 to 4 posts per week on quick-sprout and neilpatel.com

5. Screw Blogging Alone.

Screw Blogging Alone
Blogging is not a confidential matter to be kept private; it is a thing to be shared with friends, colleagues, people’s.

Join forums and places people are talking about blogging. You should join Facebook group like Screw 9 to 5 community and Blogging on your terms and what greater than participating in a community full of your country’s bloggers like KnowledgeCage (Indian).

Blogging alone is just meaningless, so you must always join blogging discussions, forums, etc. and interact with various peoples of world meanwhile exposing your blog to a number of new people’s in this world thus bringing popularity to your blog.

6. It’s okey to Edit and Repost.

Edit and Repost

Your blog has dozens of posts, posts you wrote earlier.

why all of them getting enough traffic?

That’s not your fault! No, I’m not saying this to give you sympathy. But pal, if you decide not to update those posts and left them as it is, can be your fault.

Here is what you can do!

Mark posts that getting an enormous pitiful amount of traffic. Revert them as draft posts. Set a goal to edit and update them, like two posts in a day.

I must tell you once you go through them, you’ll find many mistakes. And if there are no mistakes, you can fill them with more information and make it damn easy for someone who could be reading that.

7. Blog Design.

Don’t make your blog an experiment dummy.

I know no theme is perfect, and so you keep looking for a template that fits into your fancy dream desire.

In most cases, it takes at least six months to an average blogger to stick with one final blog design.

You don’t have to wait for six months, Just grab an Amazing theme for WordPress from Here, Here. If you have a blog at blogger.com, consider Magone and News Templates.
TIP: The only problem with free blog templates is that you don’t value. And you keep on changing it. So buy a theme you like and stick with it.

8. Don’t Brag about Yourself

Don't Brag about Yourself

Do you try to write about yourself a bit in your posts?

Your readers don’t care about you, your life or your funny jokes.

Your readers only want your Tips, and Information on a topic they want to read. So avoid worthless opinions and talks.

9. Text capitalization, Style Errors.

You should avoid writing like this ‘You Are Blogger And This Ain’t For You‘ instead write ‘You are a blogger and this ain’t for you.
More style errors are don’t using the ‘,’ and ‘:’ in sentences that require these.

10. Sharing? Who the heck cares?

Sharing Blog Posts
Don’t make your blog a shit, share your posts when you publish something on your blog. You can always share a teaser of an upcoming post on social media. Ask your audience what they would like to see from you.

11. Blogging in NO internet.

How many times you have internet connectivity issue?

(I wrote this particular point when I had no internet access, So I know how it feels).

12. Make your Computer a Dashboard.

Make a Dashboard for Blogging
Have you considered having all your blogging related files in one place?

Try to have almost all your work related files and images together.

13. I have to Write a Lot.

That’s not a mistake, but after you set your mind to write tons of articles, this goes like 1- day or day. You’re now in writers block, Read this to fix this.

14. More Efforts in SEO.

SEO has been changed, there are lot’s of factors that matters, but these are the four that matters the most.
Visitors actions: If a visitor enjoyed your post when they came via Google, you get a vote of trust.

Content: There is no substitute of this. Either enjoy your writing or make a team.

Domain age and Trust: Don’t piss off when you are no ranking in your initials days, It takes time to rise in Google point of view.

Backlinks from relevant sites: Last but not the least, Keep an eye on your backlinks. For this, I’d recommend you Ahrefs’s 14 Day Free Trial.

14. Make it large,

Don’t stuck at something you achieved in blogging. You should have a winners point of view now. Reverse won’t help you.

Now you are one of the two types of the bloggers. 1. Bloggers who admit and try to fix their mistakes 2. I,m lazy, keep it going.

The number 1, type of bloggers, you should ‘click here’ and join the community of 2k cool subscribers. Over the time you’d receive more stuff like this.

Final words.
These were a roundup of some blogging tips, following you can make your blog better. Are you making a mistake that is not listed here, Shout in a comment, we’d love to see it?

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