The Ultimate Blogging Guide by Devendra | From Writing to Traffic and Revenue

The Ultimate Blogging Guide |From Writing to Traffic to Revenue|

First of all, I would like to introduce intention to write this post, This post have all the info and resources links, so make sure to bookmark this post to enjoy the fruit.

Also, I would like to declare this is NOT a “blogging guide for beginners” instead we did write it keeping the real life in mind. It’s not a tooth fairy story, you should act now to be a better.

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    • Read this before starting
      • #1. This post contains sub-posts that are linked where needed.
        #2. At last, we linked a Resources post link that contains over 1000 FREE Kinds of Stuff,
        #3. No doubt you’ve seen similar tips around, but you’ll be thanking me after reading this.

1. Making a blog 

First of all, you will be need a clean and optimized blog here is how to make one.

After setup, a well-furnished blog, read about implementing WordPress plug-in or setting up meta tags in case of blogger platform.

Recommend guides.
Setting up Adsense after the first paragraph
Setting up Adsense in the middle of the posts.

1.2. Design

According to recent Google announcement page speed is ranking factor, and faster pages can rank well compared to heavy size pages.
Although you will need a good user experience instead of the greed of faster page. 
Here are some templates which you can use for a good user experience.
Abd here are some content focused themes, yet faster.

2. Writing a Blog post with hell On-Page-SEO

Let me guess…
At least one of your New Year’s resolutions relates to your writing.

Am I right?

Maybe you’ve decided to commit to a daily writing practice.

Research says website that gets more traffic spend double time to think – and – write post headline comparing to less traffic sited.
Writing a Blog post is the main task,

“Please don’t publish it,” I sobbed into the telephone. “The post is crap. It’ll ruin me.”

Don’t worry, We have a cure for that too, read how to build post section.

2.1 Headlines

Writing post titles can be boring, and if you run out of ideas.
Here are A lot of example of Optimized headline ideas

Use power words to mesmerizing your visitors, this will lead a high CTR to your posts.

2.2 Introduction.

Write your first 100-200 Words describing your article intention and why anyone should read that. keep it simple with shorter paragraphs and cut-off all fancy sophisticated hard words.

2.3 Main Content

Make this section filled with main content, dont use fancy hard english words here too. Make it simpler.

2.4 Wrapping it up,

Don’t ever left calling your visitors after they read a post on your blog, It’s like Saving the Earth from super villains and not letting the world know about you. Don;t be spiderman, BE IRON MAN – Fuck I’m Tony stark.

2. Getting traffic for your blog

Traffic is something which meant to be constant growing and pro blogger using advanced SEO techniques. More traffic leads you better chance to get more subscribers. So incresing Subscriber is more important then to seeing high bounce rate. Start with SumoMe to collect email leads and MailerLite to send Emails to your subscribers.
Driving traffic to the blog, Don;t Just Sit There! Start Getting More traffic (post-publishing soon)

3. Monetizing it 

Read what it takes to make revenue from AdSense as maximum blogger prefer it. As well as you can use these 50 Adsense alternatives to spice up your revenue.
That’s all, if anytime you are feeling less, check this out in your free time 1000 FREE RESOURCES – The tools you need for your blog to succeed.


That’s all we know at this point of the time. Start doing better rather than hoping for better. Blogging is not an art its an Experience to get better. / © Quickfever

“Yes. Now let me get back to work, so we can make you famous.” 

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