5 Ways to Make Free International Calls (FREE International VOIP Calls)


Update – They just closed the FREE CALLS FROM INDIA. Cheap marketing tactics

Freebies! Free resources they are read-bait. Now I am pulling my guts to tell you about this new freebie. Poptox, which lets you make international calls, Did I forgot to mention FREE.

Why are they free? A segment of their user paid them to make calls. Moreover, the profit will be utilized for others who wants this all for free.

In the age of Skype, where you have to pay for the international call, Yup it is for international video calls. This lovely website helps you call your friends. I am one of the people who has Internet pack on his phone but ain’t got talk time balance. I actually won’t make so many calls.

I know the how its feel like when you have something this is worth money, and you got it for free. That is what they call them freebies. Regarding entrepreneurship, I’ve collected 1000+ Free resources so far – Just for our readers.


So far there is also a similar service called Voxox, which let you do the same but I found it dead when I checked it last time – poor servers they got.

Making Free Internet Calls to India and Abroad

This month ( April 2016) we have shared already this at our Facebook page. Using the website you can make calls to anyone, only a working internet connection, and a Chrome browser is all you need. You be restricted to call on the same number 5 times, and every call duration should be approx 2 minutes. Yes, you can call many numbers using this – no stated limits for them.

How to Make Free Calls using the POPTOX Service

By using the service, You do not need to download any kind of software or app. It is just your Chrome Browser that is required to make free international calls.

NOTE: Chrome browser and Opera browsers are fully supported, other browsers may not work. Download google chrome offline if you prefer.

  • Visit their website: POPTOX.com

  • You’ll see a phone layout with dial pad and Country code selector. I called one of my friend in INDIA, so I’ll just select INDIA (+91).
  • You can enter any number using the dial pad, or you can use your Keyboard to put a number on the phone layout.
  • Tap on the Green Call button to start a call, you’ll be asked once for using your phone’s/laptop’s MIC, allow this permission when asked.
  • You’ll be able to see call status, when your dialed number is ringing you’ll see “RINGING” in the Phone Layout.

As soon as your friends picked up the phone, you’ll able to talk with him/her. I called 5 of my buddies, and the voice quality is as I am making the regular (without VOIP) calls. This was the Freebie let you make international calls FREE.

There are a few limitations of this website.

1. You’ll be able to call the same number only five times a day.
2. Call duration will be approx 120 Seconds.

TIP – Uscountry-specificic Poptox page, if you want to make calls to India use ‘ poptox.com/India ‘ (so you do not have to put country code again and again.)

NOTE: This tool can be used in a wrong manner to annoy someone without revealing the original numbers. We request not to do so. The call will be connected via USA numbers. Your called number will see a call coming from some USA numbers and you’ll be able to talk using Computer’s / Phone’s in-built MIC.

Have fun make international calls but make sure you do not use this service just to
annoy someone. Enjoy the service as well as checking our other interesting posts; You can Subscribe us if you like. In coming days, you’ll get more garage hacks and freebies to gasp.


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