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Chrome Offline Installer

There are 4 Google Chrome browser variant, and each one is intended for different people. The Canary version comes with new features and is experimental channel intent for developers. But for the rest of us, the Google Chrome stable version is excellent. When you try to install Chrome by default google chrome page, it leads to a tiny installer, which needs internet connection to fetch required files to install Chrome browser on your computer. Here are a workaround and direct links of latest Google Chrome browser so you can get standalone installer and install it on your computer.

So how to Get Chrome Offline Installer?

We got you! This post is dedicated to helping you get Chrome browser in a form of Installable or setup file, all you need to look for your favorite chrome variant in this post, then click the link to get them as Offline installers. It is as simple as breaking an egg 🙂 But wait, you have to make the omelet for me.

If you have a slow internet connection, you may end up waiting for hours or sometimes installation failure due to connection reset. Fortunately, Google does provide offline installer of each kind of chrome browser. But that’s a tricky one; you need to know what link leads to Chrome’s standalone installer. We’ll help you, in this post you’ll find out how to get a full version of Google Chrome. Using this links, you’ll always get the latest version of Google Chrome, no matter what variant you will download. The recently known Chrome version is 61.

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How to install Google Chrome Without Internet connection

1. Google Chrome Stable

Chrome variants for Windows 64-bit.

Latest version: 74.0.3729.108
File size: 53.2 MB
Updated: 1 days ago

If you want to download the offline installer, which doesn’t need an internet connection during the installation. Download the offline installer using the following links.

Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer Link (it will auto determine your PC’s CPU architecture.) To be specific there are links to 32-bit and 64-bit version. After downloading, you need to disconnect your internet connection on your PC to let this Offline installer works successfully. (Why? When you are run the standalone installer, if you’re connected to an internet connection, this will force SETUP program to re-download files from google’s online servers again and install them then.)

2. Google Chrome Beta Offline Installer

This link will download an offline installer of Chrome latest Beta version. To download Offline Chrome open this link from a Computer Chrome Beta Offline
(It will auto detect your Computer architecture version). If you want to be specific or downloading it from other devices use these links.

Google Chrome Beta offer additional features but in the more stable environment compared to Google Chrome Dev version. While you may not notice any differences to Chrome’s Stable version, But it does have many new codes tweaks and better Functionality. Use Chrome beta if you want a more furbished version of Google Chrome.

3. Google Chrome Dev Offline Installer

Below is the link to the latest Beta version of Chrome offline installer.
Download link / dev (will auto detect your PC architecture) Or use these specific links.

(Keep in mind Google Chrome Dev variant won’t provided for machines running on Windows Vista or Windows XP, Use Stable or Beta version instead.)

By using Chrome Dev, you are going to be first of few peoples to test out new features. Those features are limited to Dev version only, they may or may not added into the Stable version of Google Chrome. It does contain advanced features and intends only for developers, who doesn’t mind a bug or two. If you are a normal internet user, we recommend using Chrome Stable or Beta version only.

4. Google Chrome Canary Offline Installer

Get on the bleeding edge of the web. /© Google

  • Chrome Canary offline installer 32-bit: 32-bit
  • Chrome Canary  offline installer 64-bit: 64-bit

Note– Canary pulled out, and does not has an option for Standalone as other chrome variants, Because Canary browsers updates at least once a day, sorry for that. You need to download its live installer and let it download and install the Canary browser. But anyway you can try the links below.

Chrome Canary provides the latest features and intended to use by developers and early adopters. You should use this along with Chrome Stable because it can break whole any time. As ts experimental.

Google Chrome MSI Standalone offline installer

All of these links are taken from Google officially, and we did not modify them in any manner. Chrome is a product of Google. Tags: google chrome dev offline installer, google chrome canary offline setup, chrome beta standalone.

This post was written to put together all Chrome variants Offline or Standalone installer files. Use the setup files to directly install Chrome on a PC. Chrome is full of amazing things, apart from that you can crash a chrome browser or open XML files into Chrome.Even if you want to install Chrome on another computer backup chrome installer if you have chrome installed. Google Chrome offline installer links official.

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