How To choose a Laptop in 2022 & Don’t regret later!


Disclaimer: The author has ENVY 13 late 2017 model and all the opinion are personal. 

It was a long journey! I started using a Desktop computer back in 2010, it was Intel Dual core powered and packed with 1GB of RAM, at that time it was capable of running my all-time favorite GTA-SA and counter strike games.

Then I borrowed an HP (ProBook 4540S) laptop from my sister who just finished her B.Tech so she did not refuse. It was a nice move of that feels like what I was using was a total sh!t, that ProBook was intel i3 powered and it was good for all kind of work, I watched 720p movies plays lots of games on its typical 1366×768 display, it wasn’t pleasing to the eyes, but since this was the best I could get back then, so blaming it would be idiotic.

Over the last few years, I gained knowledge about laptops specs and performance, I did it because somewhere and at some point, I’d certainly need a better laptop (the con list of cons the ProBook laptop is too long).

I reside in India, so here is availability issues, not all the so-called “best, thin, features-rich” laptop make it here, at least the top laptop companies make sure not to bring them here.

The Specs I ever wanted

I’m not very rich, so I never thought the high-end specifications knowing that I could dream anything but that would be far from the reality. So here are the specs I thought (at least) I would be conscious when going for a new laptop.

The screen resolution

The screen resolution is the aspect that everyone like to neglect, what A low screen resolution like HD (1366×768) will do to you is eye strain when using the laptop for a long time (more annoying if it’s 15″ screen with the same resolution). Moreover, for god’s sake if your using a mobile phone with FHD or QHD, consistently sifting through the device will make sure you are going to kill your eyes.

SO what? Keep in mind that the more resolution a laptop screen have, the more pleasing it will be to your eyes. So here FHD (1080p) or 1920×1080 should be the minimum resolution you should keep in your mind.

Weight should be less

Frankly, lightweight laptops come at an extra price, and there will be a huge difference between a 2kg and 1kg laptop while both are offering same hardware configurations. The only downside a lightweight laptop have is less storage (because SSD is expensive) and slightly not preferred for games (absence of graphics but not applicable to all thin and lightweight laptops).

So what I did?

I bought HP Envy 13-ad128tu which is touchscreen and powered by Intel i7 8th generation. It runs on the native resolution of 1920×1080 which is satisfying for a 13-inch laptop.

[Answer] What’s the Best Resolution for a 13-Inch Laptop Screen?

This tiny laptop is so lightweight and weights me just 1.3Kg so I can sit in bad, place it in my lap and work all day along.

The backlit keyboard now allows me to work in the dark or at evening without ponding my palm randomly on the keyboard.

No, I’m not saying that you need an i7-8th generation processor, or touchscreen or the backlit. Think what you need in a laptop whether you’re looking for a gaming laptop so choose accordingly because a 1kg laptop with a powerful graphics card is not practical.

I’m ending this post here if this content helped you choosing your next laptop do one thing, comment below and speak the requirement you think are necessary for a laptop, also do you mind laptop weight or you like a lightweight laptop, comment below.

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