LineageOS 21: Release Date, Update Tracker, and Download links.

Lineage OS is known as the popular custom ROM for Android, for providing users with a pure Android experience right out of the box. LineageOS provides the user with the ability to customize the User Interface by using Third-Party Modules. Listed below is a table of download links for LineageOS compiled from the LineageOS GitHub source. Browse the table below to find your device. Download links of the latest Official Lineage OS build as well as manually constructed builds for other devices based on the official sources can be found here.

If you are interested in flashing it on your Android device, you can do it. LineageOS can be flashed depending on the device’s compatibility. Many users do this when they do not feel comfortable with using stock firmware and wish to use a custom ROM or root their devices instead. Google recently released the Android 14 Public Beta for Pixel devices as well as devices from other manufacturers.

Important links: How to Install Lineage OS on Your Android and build LineageOS for your device.

Android 14 Overview

Lineage OS version 21 is based on Google’s Android 14. Lineage OS 20 is based on Android 13.

However, here are Lineage OS ROM links of various devices, which you can download now and install on your phone. If you were previously using CyanogenMod, then, fortunately, everything is similar. It is just the project name that changed.

LineageOS 21 Release date

LineageOS 21 rolling will start from Q4 2023, and the official Lineage arrived from Q1 2022. There are tens of devices that received LineageOS 19 unofficial to test out things.

LineageOS 21 (Android 14): Update Tracker

LineageOS Downloads (Version 20 and 19)

A table will be posted with builds.


LineageOS version 21 is based on Android 14, and this is a complete article to help you find the newest ROM for all possible devices. The information relies heavily on our visitors, who provide feedback to update the article. If you want to help, email me directly at

Again, share this article with someone who is always seeking to break the stock ROM barrier and wants to try something new. We spend hours finding and compiling content so you can find all the LineageOS build links on this page. After you download Lineage OS build for your device, take help from the following guide to install it on your smartphone.

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