How to Make PotPlayer Automatically Load Subtitles

This article is last updated on 12th Jan 2020.

Potplayer is our favorite video player for Windows platform. It’s the best and lightweight media player, not more famous than VLC, But can be a powerful alternative to any video player you are using. It comes with many settings and options which I never bothered to touch, frankly anyone can be overwhelmed with loads of settings that just doesn’t make sense to an average user.

I Know most of the time you visit the Google to download subtitles, and most of the subtitle website provide .zip files that you have to extract and then load the .srt file to the player. If you are doing that, I must tell you can drop the subtitle file right into the pot player, just make sure the subtitle is the same video currently playing. But that is perhaps not the best method to deal with subtitles, and it’s the pain in your hand if you’re going to watch all the episodes of the Game of Thrones. Much painful if you have seasons to catch up. That’s where the God came and will help you.

One great feature of potplayer is the online subtitle finder, however, by default you’ll need a few clicks to download and load subtitles from the internet of a serial or movie which is currently playing. But why bother, Let’s make the process automatic so the next time Potplayer will automatically search on the internet and load the subtitle for you instantly.

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Load your favorite movie inside the PotPlayer, and you can also try Hollywood serials episodes. Right-click inside the video screen > subtitles > online subtitles searching > download subtitles from... It will launch the subtitle downloader screen.

auto subtitle downloader

Select “always use” setting for the auto search option. And “load the first found subtitles” for after searching option. Additionally, you can make PotPlayer display the subtitle downloader box whenever a video starts playing by checking the “how this dialog when subtitles are found with auto search” option to view all the available subtitles for The video file that is playing. You’re done now.

auto subtitle downloader

Tip: You can always select a subtitle and click on the “Load selected subtitle” to quickly load the subtitle to enjoy your movie along with understating. Also, there is an option to save a subtitle to your local hard drive for offline use.

PotPlayer offers almost the same options which VLC and KMP provide concerning subtitle managing and styling. While VLC has a build in subtitle downloader that works good but is manual. KMP doesn’t have a built-in subtitle downloader at present. The Potplayer can search and download subtitles automatically from the Open Subtitles website, which offers the largest number of subtitles but even downloading from the site itself is pretty much boring, you’ll have to close the pop-up ads, watch out the fake/ads download buttons, etc. But this player makes use of API’s to fetch subtitles and load right into the player without any fuss.

Update: January 2020.

Potplayer now has the subtitle search and load option in the right sidebar making things further easy for you.

Potplayer windows 10 video player now have easy accessible subtitle menu in right panel

PotPlayer is the last video player I’ll use for the rest of my life. Unless something new happens in the Video player industry.

  1. Yes I do use potplayer as well since a while now. But it’s still a pain in the ass for the subtitles. I always automatically open if no subs are found, but it’s not enough.
    I would like to add new provider because there is only 6 of them and I often found the french and english subs which I need (both fr for my friend, en for me) at but it’s not in the list !

    Any idea how to add a provider ?

  2. Thank you. Been using PotPlayer for over an year and I am surprised I haven’t explored this option. Cheers for this. Saves a lot of time having to manually retrieve subs which I always end up doing.. You saved me a lot of workand time.

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