10 Best Thin and Light Laptop to use in 2018

Advertisement So what do you need in a thin laptop? just Intel i5 or higher processor, minimum 8GB…

So what do you need in a thin laptop? just Intel i5 or higher processor, minimum 8GB and 256GB SSD are enough to get any job done. Also, screen resolution is something we often ignore, the days are gone where you could blindly have gone for a 1366×768 or ~100PPI screen specs. These below-mentioned laptops are a premium in build quality, offers speed and better battery optimization (with some exception) and still comes in a thin body that is also lightweight.

These Thin and Light Laptops are available here

The Best Thin and Light Laptops to Buy

These laptops which have been made here are less than 3 pounds — super thin and have a lot of specifications. You can buy any laptop and you will not regret this decision.

Dell XPS 13

Best-selling right now | buy from amazon

Best-selling ultrabook right now, it’s thin easy to carry around and nice keyboard that doesn’t suck in any matter. The laptop’s body is just 9-15 mm and that just look adorable. Dell worked hard to minimize the bezel to just around 5mm thin so you can see more of your screen. The base specs are Intel 7th generation i5 with 8Gigs of RAM and 128GB SSD storage. However, the high specs offer QHD display, but in a 13″ inch screen laptop, anything higher than Full HD resolution is a waste with Windows 10.


Lightweight, Best Battery backup | buy from amazon

This is kind of a super sweet laptop that is incredible in all the aspects from this size to hardware configuration. It has some sort of battery utilization software that makes it last very long. The keyboard is compact and easy to type, although arrow keys have been configured with 4 keys that you can find above Number Keys in other laptops. It runs on dual-core Intel i5 CPU which clocked at 2.5 GHz, so you get a 1920×1080 resolution laptop that is lightweight and look stylish. It’s a perfect choice if you don’t want to compromise any less.

It is a lightweight 13-inch laptop with amazing configuration, the screen flex but the keyboard is super solid. compomy built it with the alloy body in a super thin shell that is not heavy either. If you want something quick and right away, go for LG gram.

Lenovo X1

Best Build Quality, Nice Keyboard | buy from amazon

Lenovo X1 features the amazing and premium build quality with an extra awesome keyboard. It has one of the best keyboard ever found in a ultrabook, and getting used to it is pretty easy. It also has the nipple thing on the keyboard, IDK but that is something some people really like. Although it is not very heavy just around 1.1 kg that makes is pretty convenient to carry it around. The trackpad is slightly on the left side which is kind of bug me.

HP X360 Spectre (2-in-1)

Best thin convertible laptop | buy from amazon

Just about 1.2kg this laptop has a good build quality and it looks better. This a 2 in 1 convertible laptop but using it as a tablet is just not recommended — it’s still laptop-weight even lighter than the non-convertible XPS 13. Blazing fast running on Intel I7- 7500U with an impressive 2.7 GHz speed get anything done on this ultrabook.  What was it supports Windows ink (as it is a touch screen device that can also be used as a Tablet) so without further ado, if you are looking for something that is both lightweight and rocking on the specification, this laptop is worth a look.

This directly competes with apple’s build quality and does pretty well, When you’re looking for a Windows 10 laptop, you can’t go wrong with HP Spectre x360. From top to bottom this one seems like the best convertible HP ever made and the reason I suggest people a buy 2-in-1 laptop, this X360 is why.

Razor Blade Stealth

Surprised Everyone, backlit, External GPU support, Kaby Lack | buy it now

This razor laptop looks promising and premium with better sound quality. These are not probably sound better than the Macbook notebooks but that’s up to you. Though it still offers long battery life, nice speed, and rich metal build, this Razor Blade Stealth is powered by Intel i5 processor and that makes it more affordable. You also get a Chroma keyboard with 16 million color options, well this is something you might not like it but you also cannot be converted graphics Coprocessor that takes gaming to a whole new level in this thin and light shell.

If you’re willing to spend extra few hundreds dollars, the i7 core version looks more promising, though if you a have limited budget, the base model is good to go. The speakers are placed at the left/right keyboard side and look amazing while they sound better than other laptops.

Samsung 9

Not populer, lightweight, good hardware | buy from amazon

While it’s not a popular laptop but Samsung managed to put all the standard specs in this tiny light laptop. It’s digestible that this doesn’t have a good battery life assuming that putting extra mAh will certainly increase the overall weight. This is surely going to attract people who need a damn light laptop while having moderate specs.

Asus Zenbook 3

Premium quality, better specs| buy from amazon

This Asus notebook is rich in quality while it is a bit more expensive because it has 16 GB RAM and 520 GB of SSD and despite all of that this is thin and weight is just 900 gramme. It’s a little less than 13″ (12.5) and runs on the KabyLacke processor embedded with 8GB RAM and the typical 256GB SSD. What more, you get Fingerprint sensor to work with Windows hello and Harman Kardon audio to Boost Your sound experience with this laptop.  The base model with i5 processor is less than a thousand dollar, the higher variant with Intel I7 and 512 GB of lightning fast SSD.

Asus UX330

Cheapest, good value for money | buy from amazon

The is a overall fine laptop, that is surely not hit your pocket hard. It gives the same specifications with a price that is absoutly lesser than the rest of the laptops mentioned here. With only 1.2kg weight this laptop runs on Intel i5 processor, and backlit keyboard at this price is a nice deal. This runs on a 13″ laptop with 1920×1080 resolution—which is the least you should these days.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro

The new Macbook and Macbook Pro are undobutly thin and weight around just 0.9kg, while it doesn’t have the best Processor, it runs on Intel M which is quite feels less when you comapre it with other primce range laptops.

Price and Specs

The Razor stealth and ASUS UX330 beats other laptops here, especially the ASUS offers about the same specs at a price that you won’t believe you are getting a nice looking ultrabook. There is a reason ultrabooks are more affordable than ever, the answer is Chromebook—offeriing lightweight laptops in dirt cheap price. The base or main variend of all the laptops (exception Macbook) having atleast  Intel i5, 8GB RAM and 128+GB SSD storage.


The MacBook screens are the best but if you need a Windows laptop Dell XPS 13 if the one that should satisfy you. In terms of screen resolution and quality, I think all of the laptops are good enough. The Razor stealth offers a higher resolution (QHD) in less price.

One of my favorite YouTuber Dave lee yesterday published a video featuring top 10 thin and light laptops to use in 2017. I really like that so I end up writing this article. Most of the images are taken from the video and the credit goes to Dave Lee. You can subscribe him on Youtube here. Also check our old list of lightweight ultrabooks here.