What is Underclock? Everything you need to know

Known as underclocking, is a way to make your processor run at a slower rate than it was manufactured to run (base speed). The term is opposite to Overclocking and usually is for people who don’t do heavy processors depending on tasks on their machines. The outcome includes less energy usage, low fan noise in the case of a laptop, and longer battery life.

The difference between Underclock and overclock

Underclock: Decrease CPU processor frequency rate to save battery, normal tasks have negligible effect.
Overclock: Increase CPU processor frequency rate at the cost of the hardware life.


Setting up your hardware to run differently than intended can lead to unforeseen problems. Only attempt this if you are an advanced computer user.

There are fewer risks in underclock compared to overclock which can eventually crash your PC. Any application that can be used to overclock your computer can be used to underclock. Such applications are the intel stress test tool, MSI Afterburner. Windows 11’s inbuilt “Power Saving” plan offloads stress on the processor.

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