How to View Deleted Reddit Comments Easily


Update04/2022: Both and are taken down, the reason might be copyright related. We’ve added a new tool Reveeddit.

Reddit is the “front page on the internet” as we already know the reason. One of the biggest website where users share things and react globally. Reddit is divided into thousands of subcategories called “subreddits, ” and quite often people make a post or comment and later delete it, or a bot might mischief. There can be numerous reasons behind removing a post or a comment. Today we will see how to look at the redundant [deleted/removed] comments either removed by the user or community.

Reddit is so powerful, not so long ago we’ve seen a tool that fetches wallpapers from Reddit and set them to your desktop computer automatically. Well, not all like the homepage design of Reddit website, but lots of other subreddits have their own design so that you won’t get bored with a consistent user interface.

Use Uneddit to Check Deleted Comments.


This is one of the best websites to bring back deleted Reddit comments. All you have to visit this website link, drag and drop the “uneddit” button to your browser bookmark bar. Alternatively, right-click on the button “copy link address” then from your browser’s bookmark bar “add page” and paste the copied data and “save” it.

uneddit, undelete reddit comments

For example, I visited this post and clicked on the “uneddit” bookmark, and it will show all the deleted comments highlighted. Uneddit becomes a term in short span of time, and some users might need to see deleted comments for many reasons, one can be that they earlier saw a helpful comment and later it got removed for whatsoever reason.

restore deleted reddit comments

Check Deleted Reddit post Comments.

Ceddit (down)

This site is different, unlike providing a bookmark this website let you navigate to the Reddit post and will show you deleted commands like below. However navigating to any specific Reddit post is difficult, just open official website and navigate to that post you want to show deleted comments, replace with in the browser address bar.

Note: the “unreddit” term was famous as a user could have placed “un” in the official Reddit’s website address. The “” site is now redirected to this site, I guess because of some trademark issues in the domain name.

how to view deleted reddit comments post wise

View recently deleted comments


This website isn’t perfect, and you cannot check deleted comments on a particular Reddit post. However, you can see a list of most recently deleted the comment with their deleted date and appropriate subreddit and thread link. This website does not offer you many options. Only you can see the site-wide deleted comments. You can not see the deleted comment of a particular post, though you can click on a comment to view its original post, it is not much help. If you want to see the deleted comments of any of the Reddit Posts, then use the above websites as this tool only shows the overly deleted comment.

This kind of service is provided by 3rd party websites, therefore “Reddit undelete” is nothing but a term used to describe this situation.

Replace reddit URL by adding ve i.e Reddit >* it should not show deleted comments by user but shows deleted items by community and mods.

removeddit (down)

Another website helps you viewing deleted comments, the process is simple. You visit the original Reddit thread, put “move” between Re’ from the address bar (F6). Not only it will show deleted and removed comments but also comments which haven’t been archived (happen when deleted instantly).

Check Deleted Reddit post Comments.

We’re impressed by the Uneddit website’s bookmark method, it works almost all the time and fetches all the deleted comments. For lazy people, the Ceddit will work and for more lazy people putting “move” between Re and ddit will work.