The Best Android Download Manager Apps (2023)


The Android operating system recently created an ongoing buzz as Remix OS, and Phoenix OS  based on Android become capable to run on a Computer. Still, most of the users have an Android phone, and the typical Android misses the critical functions of the best download manager, for that reason alone this post will be useful. Android user often struggles to download files using the default browser or Google Chrome or any other. Most of the browser uses the default download app to save content from the Internet. And you have less control over the downloads. In this list, we’ve tested and mentioned some best download manager apps for Android phones.

The best android download manager

These are the best downloader for android you should install to get better control over the files you download. Apps are not in any order of preference.

01. Advanced Download Manager

If there is something on the Android to manage your downloads, it’s this app. This download manager capture link from your clipboard means as soon as you right-click and copy files URL the app will pop-up asking you to start downloading that file. With so many options there is nothing that is missed, from batch downloading to scheduling downloads this app does all the tasks. Sometimes a website only allows particular IP address to download a file in that case you use its built-in browser to access the page and start the download the file.

The interface is almost pure, displays queue and downloading files in once section and completed files in other. When you enable Smart download and Auto-resume, this will make sure that it tries to resume a file in case something goes wrong or your internet drop connection for a bit. Smart download option that automatically ensures faster downloads. You can also specify numbers of parts, some downloads, and speed.

02. Download Manager for Android.

The best download manager for Android available on play store. It has so many features, download capture, multi-part download support and password protected downloads with resume capabilities. If your concern is to save time, this app does better than its alternatives out there. For example, when you’re browsing using the Chrome browser and clicked on a link (e.g., Mkv file) a pop-up box will display asking you to download the file using the download manager.

The app has a total of four sections that you can switch from the left sidebar. The best first is the browser that you yes to navigate to the site and click on a file’s link, and it will prompt you to download the file. The second area is where all the download logs are available; you can easily manage all your downloads from there. For example, you can pause or resume, a particular file or multiple files at a time. The user interface is very intriguing, and you can keep staring the screen while downloading something on it, the animation will hold you.

03. Download Accelerator Plus

Known as “DAP” for Windows is now made it to the play store. Clean and straightforward navigations and a decent interface. Pause All, resume all from the notification bar. Inbuilt pop-up and ad-blocker browser. The auto-resume of interrupted downloads. Remember path and direct download to SD card. It supports multiple threads and all kind of file downloads, also changing file name is possible before you start a download. Talking about more features, it allows selecting the place where you want to save a file and make it hidden if you wish so. One great option is it can save the download location for convenience. The built-in browser allows you to browse ad-free so you can navigate to the download page and let it capture. The browser supports downloading from music website such as Soundcloud, you visit the music page and download it by tapping the icon from the top bar, easy.

04. Get Them All

GetThemAll is excellent in names of downloading things from Web pages, but it does have some severe performance issues. It randomly crashed very often during testing and had other problems. Still, it works incredibly well and offers a fantastic amount of format support for your downloads.

The app is a cool browser with a button at the top bar that does the work for you. The app checks the page and displays a checklist for available files. You can choose from these files which file you have to download and do not select them from files you want to leave. It can help you to download files from a lot of videos and music websites, but if you a standalone download manager, you can use it as well as you get it in the browser in which you are browsing, and along with it you may download all files available on that page. Unless you are on a video website and want to download a video, this app will start download instantly, one thing that I noticed that it is struggling to find videos from YouTube and other video website and it even crash multiple time throughout our testing. The app browser was pretty simple which Limited functionality is like it or not offer tabs and smart feature. If you are looking for a browser with a download manager, this is not the thing you may be looking. One thing is for sure that this is not a good browser, but if you want to download stuff along with browsing, you can give it a shot. When you are browsing the internet you often came to some web pages that have a lot of files, and you wish you could download them once at all, that is where this app can come handy and save your time by downloading all of the files at once.

What’s the best Android download manager for Oreo and P?

So the best Android download manager is the ADM, we have taken all of the feature and how comfortable we use it for our consideration. I have been using ADM for a long time (but this is not the reason why this is our best pick in this segment). An average download manager only offers to download a file, but ADM allows downloading files with multiple threads to get the possible best speed. Auto resume makes sure that you don’t have to care once you added a link to the list. When you download a lot of files throughout the day, you can take advantage of its scheduling feature that starts downloading on a specified time, and you can set start and stop time.

The android always lack an excellent download manager with better pause and resume support and even the new Android version such as Oreo and P doesn’t have a separate download manager, and you’ve to rely on the chrome to download everything. With a good download manager, you should be able to get better control over downloads.

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