Android OS for Computer compared from best to worst

In this article, we’ll talk how to install *real* Android operating system on your computer (Desktop, Laptop, ultrabook) and enjoy thousands of thousands of apps from the play store. We all love Android, as they say, love is in the air. Today Android is more than a mobile operating system, it made its way to TV, smart watches and now in computers and laptops. All you need is a USB drive to test out android operating system on any computer (including desktop and laptops), and yes you will get the same android experience – notification bar, Google play store, ability to do pretty much anything with apps which you can get from the play store.

Note: External hardware which requires driver installation work doesn’t work with the Android operating system because you cannot install drivers as you do on Windows or Linux operating system. So suppose if you are using a Dongle to connect to the internet, it will not work, as simple as that. Neither the printer will print your documents, nor you can install drivers If your computer’s hardware is not supported.

Phoenix OS

We’ve seen how hot the internet goes when Jide announced and delivered a neat and decent modified Android operating system called Remix OS, Things have changed they shut down last year, but while Remix OS was supported a new modified android OS project took place, and the project is goes by name Phoenix OS; and is the only one that is supported and offer updates.

Phoenix OS, runs on the Marshmallow, an older version is also available which runs on Android Lollipop. The new version allows to directly install it on your computers hard disc or create a bootable USB to boot from.

android os for pc, phoenix os

Remix OS

Discontinued, the last release was based on android marshmallow was released in December 2016 (It has been almost a full year and there is no update which certainly is the end of this project). If you’re still interested in trying out remix OS, you can get the ISO image from here, and install it using the tool that comes with or use Rufus to create bootable USB and boot directly to the operating system without installing it on your computer.

Running android on your computer is fun, though it can be limited since it doesn’t support all hardware, for instance, sound, wifi & Bluetooth doesn’t work on laptop running on cheap Intel cherry trail processor. From this point, Phoenix OS is the only promising OS, Recently, they released their kernel source so that other developers could add hardware support for niche community or making the OS support a wide range of computers.

android os for pc, remix os

Bliss OS

Bliss OS is identical to original Android x86 builds but with a few functionalities i.e. Taskbar and multi-tasking.

That’s all, it should be clear that Phoenix OS is currently the best Android OS for PC that you can install. The Remix OS is dead, but you can still use the outdated version as if you’re a fan. For the stock lovers, Android x86 is your home. People need near to stock Android OS can try Bliss OS.


  1. Worth noting that Bliss OS does have Android Pie. They seem to get newer versions of Android out the door quicker than Phoenix OS. That being said, I couldn’t get Bliss OS to recognize the touchscreen of my Surface Pro gen. 5 nor even boot reliably, so I’m now giving Phoenix OS a shot.

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