Remix OS 3.0 For PC — Android Marshmallow Review and Guides


Remix OS 3.0, Will give new life to your old PC while it is clear that you can use USB 2.0 flash media to install remix os, but things are a little different then and now. Although you can download and install remix os (formally an android operating system) you simply won’t get any operating system update. This means no android version other than marshmallow, no security patches; as the project got discontinued last year.

How to Dual Boot Remix OS with Windows 10

Version 3 is capable of running on both 32bit and 64-bit machines allowing more computers to use the Android operating system.

When the company made a statement earlier about rolling out (12th January 16). The Internet went crazy about it and some folks even ended up installing leaked Remix OS build.

Remix OS is not the only (Android) Operating system which you can install on your computer, learn more other operating systems that are free, and some are open sources. If you have a way older PC that having troubles with newer Windows you may want to seek for some lightweight alternatives.

Check Remix OS installation guides.

Download Remix OS 3.0

Remix OS 3.0 for PC 64-bit Download Links

Download Remix OS 64-bit

Direct download Remix OS Zip // Mirror: Download from Fossbite

[Guide] Installing Remix OS 64-bit Dual boot with Windows, USB boot.

Remix OS 3.0 for PC 32-bit Download Links

Direct Download Remix OS ZIP // Mirror: Download from Fossbite

[Guide] Installing Remix OS 32-bit Dual boot with Windows, USB boot.

All download links are taken from the official site and mirror links.

Remix OS is discontinued and you won’t get new updates. Consider checking the Phoenix OS which already updated to the Android Nougat.

  1. Great article! I once installed it on my computer a year ago, I remember there were some problems with the player, but I did everything. I think Remix OS 3.0 is quite a decent alternative to Windows and Linux!

    1. Hello Sam, the link you’re referring is a project provides android custom ROM with many added features for “mobile phones”. On the other hand, Remix was (is) an Android OS for computers. If you need Remix alternative, do check “Phoenix OS and Openthos.”

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