20 Best Google Assistant Tricks and Commands

Advertisement Google Assistant was officially launched with their Google pixel phone, and it’s a voice assistant like Siri…

Google Assistant was officially launched with their Google pixel phone, and it’s a voice assistant like Siri for iPhone or Cortana for Windows 10. Initially, this mobile assistant was supported only in Google pixel mobile, after which Google made it officially available to other smartphones that run on Marshmallow or newer Android version. This is really a big step in that. If your phone is based on Marshmallow or the new Android version, you can use Google Assistant.

To bring Google Assistant to your mobile, you will need to update the Google Play Store service and install latest app update of Google app. If possible, should join the beta version before updating both apps, the possibility of bringing Google Assistant to your smartphone will increase significantly.

It supports some of the evergreen commands (those who works everywhere, Cortana, Alexa, etc.song) such as “SinSong” and “flip a coin” but those are too basic, here is an extensive list of best tricks of Google assistant.

Best Google Assistant Tricks and Commands

Just say “Ok Google” try these mentioned best google assistant tricks and comments and make the most of Google assistant.

1. Change Settings

What normal people do is slide down the notification bar and manually toggle the quick settings, like adjusting brightness, and toggle hotspot or WiFi. But with Google Android Assistant dealing with all the quick setting is easier, for example just say, Ok, Google “enable the Automatic brightness” and the Assistant will do it.

google assistant tricks and commands

These are a couple of commands you can use.

Turn off flashlight/ turn on flashlight

Enable wifi/ disable wifi

make my phone silent

Increase volume/ increase volume to highest/ decrease volume/ set volume to 10

2. Make assistant remember things

google assistant tricks and commands

3. Know how “this” or “that” sounds

Google Assistant can do a lot of Amazing things as for example if you ask it how does a cat sound you will definitely get very impressed. You can ask about anything, literally how “this” or “that” sounds, whether it is a man or a parrot. Whatever you think in your mind, you can ask the Google Assistant to pick what kind of voice it is to be aware that at this time your mobile volume should be high.

how does Kitty sound

how does alligator sound

what sound does a cat make

what sound does an elephant make

4. Sing me a song

Just like Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant does the same when you say “sing a song” or “Sing a melody.” The songs it will sing aloud are not those sia cheap thrills type so you got to live with that, haha.


google assistant tricks and commands

5. Play solitaire

This one is universal, and it also works in normal Google.com Search as well as right from your Google Assistant screen. All you have to say is “Play Solitaire” or “play card game, windows” and the classic game will launch.

google assistant tricks and commands

6. Play a trivia

When you’re bored or something similar, say “Ok Google, play a trivia” and play a random task. There is lots of quiz to play like the Math and geography quiz where you can test your knowledge.

google assistant tricks and commands

7. Translate This into that

If you are wondering how to say a phrase or words in another language, well, Google Translate is an option here, but why bother when you can just command Google assistant for that purpose. For example, you can say “translate (How are you) into Spanish” or anything you want to translate.

google assistant tricks and commands

8. Read news topic wise

Show me news about Windows 10, or show news about Narendra Modi and Google Assistant will fetch you all the latest news that includes the topic you wish for.

“What’s the news about Windows 10”

9. What’s my name

Even you can ask what my brother’s name or what’s my sister’s name, well at first you have to tell Google assistant their names.

Ok, google, my brother name is John. (She’ll remember that).

Ok, Google, What’s my brother name. (You told me that your brother name is John).

“Ok Google” read along with me I’m Barry Allen.

google assistant tricks and commands

10. Call/message someone

You can instruct gogole assistant to call or message someone you like, you can say something “Call John” or “Make a call” > Say the contact name aloud > It will make call. I must say sending messages to someone is very easy as you’ve got to compose the message by your voice, that’s cool.

google assistant tricks and commands

11. Ask common questions

You can ask common questions like “translate hundred USD into INR” to convert any USD amount to Indian currency or ask “how far to the Paris” to calculate the distance from your current location to Paris.

best google assistant tricks and commands

12. Play Music

By saying this command it will launch the music app, for example, it will launch the Google Play app (if installed) and play a song. All of that without touching your phone. It to work best with the Google Play Store music application, although it might work well with your other music application, that should be a default music player app.

13. Make reminders

Setting reminders are different than commanding assistant to remember things. Reminders are simply alarm you can set by your voice, by saying “set a reminder > name it” for example you can say, “remind me to wake up tomorrow 6 AM”.

14. Repeat me after

You can say “repeat after me; my name is Barry Allen” Google Assistant you say that aloud right after it. You can also try variations like “I’m Batman” or “I’m poor” or anything you want Google assistant to repeat after you.

15. Give me a random number

If you want this random number, you can tell Google Assistant that “give me a random number” and this will show you a random number.

16. Have some fun

There are many commands you can use to get entertained, or timepass, Such cool Google Assistant tricks with which you can enjoy are given below.

I’m bored

play a music video

Show me dog pics

17. Tell me a joke

Would you like to hear a joke if so you can call Google Assistant, and it will present you a new joke? Each time you ask it to tell you a joke, it will surely make you laught. But don’t overdo it as it might bore you after couple of attampts.

18. Open Apps and Sites

If you want to open a YouTube channel of pewdiepie, you can call Google Assistant, or you can open your favourite website without typing it without your voice only.

Open PewDiwPie’s youtube channel

Open quickfever.com

19. Teach me something

There is no shortage of glitch in this world, if you want to learn something new, Google Assistant will help you in it, you just have to say “teach me something”.

20. Beatbox for me

Bew, this one is totally amazing all you got to say is “beatbox for me” or “do beatbox” enjoy the awesome beatbox sounds that come right after it. khjhj

These are the best Google Assistant tricks and commands

Well, there are much more commands google assistant understands, for the basics you can tap the three dot (right-top side) and choose the “That can you do” to know all the basic commands you can use. I personally like the Tic Tac Toe game, to play this game on you have to say “play Tic Tac Toe game” and I can spend a couple of minutes to play this classic game. Google Assistant is no perfect and there is plenty of room for improvement, still, it’s the best voice android assistant these days. For those who are running on the lollipop or older try these voice assistant apps for your android.