12 Best Screen Recording Softwares (Free & Paid)

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best screen recording software, windows 10

Best Screen Recording Softwares

Doing something on a computer can be the toughest task sometimes, It may not be usual for someone to perform. So instructing someone else to do some tasks on computer — no matter how easy you break down it to several steps to explain. In the end, you might be tired with no reliable result to the next person whom you want to explain specific tasks. However, using a desktop screen recording software is a feasible method to kick out the issue. It lets you record everything you want to teach — and the great — here is our list of top ten best screen recording for Windows. Thanks to the developers, most of these screen recorder are free.

Listed screen recording software or services are not in any order. We admire the free screen recording unless they run out of features. 

Bonus. EaseUS Screen Recorder

If you’re looking for high-quality, easy-to-use screen recording software, we recommend EaseUS Screen Recorder. This software allows you to record your screen with audio, webcam, mouse cursor, annotations and more.

You can also edit your video recordings, including trimming, cropping, adding text and special effects. It is the perfect solution for recording tutorials, presentations, gameplay and video calls in just a few simple steps.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans are available.
Platforms: Windows&Mac

Read more about EaseUS Screen Recorder

1. FastStone Capture

Fast, lightweight — probably the best screen recording software with bare functions to record quality videos with minimum file size. Yes, minimum file size yet great quality. It may not have a dedicated video editor but got Zoom, Pan, Cut option with hotkey supports. Also, you can add a title before it starts the screen recording. It can record in 5 – 25 FPS, with several options to optimize the quality and cursor highlighting and mouse click sound toggles. It allows to record screen of Windows 10 with audio.

The video editor supports resizing the video, drawing on video frames, removing the unwanted clip and some more options to tweak recorded video. It can also capture computer screen with hotkeys such as SHIFT+PRT SC, and edit it in an editor which supports options to tweak or add elements. Overall it is good screen recording software that is worth every second use.

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best screen recording softwares

In the image: Windows 10 with No man’s Sky game wallpaper.

Pricing: $19.95
Platforms: Windows

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2. Icecream Screen Recorder

Another smooth screen recorder software for windows, in the free version you can record up to 10 minutes of your computer screen, the output is limited to only WEBM format. However, with the Pro plan, there won’t be any recording limit and more export format are supported i.e. MKV, MP4. Plus add your watermark to recorded videos. The free is fair but it has many restrictions like video length limit, and output format will be WEBM. There may be other reason that you would like to use this computer screen recorder app. Screenshot to URL can be handy to share it on the internet instantly.

Pricing: Free, Pro plan at $29.
Platforms: Windows, MAC

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best screen recording softwares

3. ActivePresenter (Free)

Easy to use and have an inbuilt video editor that lets you amend your recorded video, decorate it with captions, or convert video format one to other. It is basically for educators or for people — who want to record a software demo, the website says. The free version even doesn’t add not any watermark, no ads and no time limit which makes it one public-based screen recording software.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans are available.
Platforms: Windows

Read more about ActivePresenter

4. Snagit (Premium)

Snagit takes screen recording to a next and advanced level, such as a magnificent video editing tool to text boxes, captions and removes a part that is a waste. Let your video be a fruitful by having only informative instructions, share it with anyone you like.
One unique feature this tool offers is to take screenshot/record extensive scrolling or infinite scroll pages. The fun part — make a GIF directly from your recorded clip with this fantastic paid computer recording app that is worth the money you pay. It also supports cloud-based things to store stuff that matter in screen capturing. Nonetheless, Snagit is one of the best screen recorders with elegant features on the internet.

top screen capture software, windows 10
Pricing: Free 15 day trial, single user $50
Platforms: Windows

Read more about Snagit

5. CamStudio

Open source screen recording and capturing tool made several records concerning downloads. While it does not have some complex and ripping function yet, it has separation customization like hiding your mouse cursor while recording or use a custom plugin. You can record audio from PC’s speakers instead of a microphone, and there are some basic video settings you can set according to your video recording requirements. It is also reported by some YouTubers that recording with this app won’t crash your computer as if you are using an old computer with Windows OS. So would you vote CamStudio best free screen recorder for its ease to operate and being a free product.

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Windows

Read more about CamStudio

Quick Tip to record gameplay:

Looking to capture a browser window or a Game? You can use windows 10 official integrated screen recorder with highest frame per second.

Press WIN+G then ‘tick’ the option that says, this is a game.

You’ll see options to start recording and set some hotkeys for that.

6. BandiCam

The free version can do recording 10-minute screen, with a watermark, But yes you can record Gameplay with FPS adjustments. Supports recording standalone from a microphone and video recording using computer’s WebCam.

Overall it a good goes for people looking for a free alternative to any game screen recorder. It can perform other simple tasks, screen capture, audio recording.

Pricing: Free, Paid.

Read more about BandiCam


While you can not record an audio and replace within the video, that makes it a useless program. Some people even uninstalled it for the simple reason, while it allows adding audio from some pre-defined audio tracks — which all are awful, again. So just because this screen recorder software is free doesn’t mean it has the worth to be used.

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Windows

top screen capture software, windows 10

Read more about Ezvid

8. Jing

Capture screen and record your computer screen up to 5 minutes, despite is is a free tool from the creators of Snagit. Jing is lightweight and useful screen recorder so that you can record short demo-instructions videos for communication purpose. We are not rude, but that’s all the tool has.

top screen capture software, windows 10

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Windows

9. Webinaria

A Free & Open Source software for recording screen. Offers basic screen recording options and good video quality output.

Pricing: Free
Platforms: Windows

10. Camtasia Studio

(Premium) Another product, which is actually a video editing tool, which gets positive reviews from peoples who use it to create or edit videos. Camtasia has many more screen recording video codes which let you export in many formats, ranging from mp4 to Mkv.
If you need both screen recording and video editing tool at once, this can be a nice pick. However, for just recording videos with simple editing options consider other tool listed above.
top screen capture software, windows 10
Pricing: Paid, free trial.
Platforms: Windows, MAC.

but wait! if you solely want to go for a premium screen recorder app, Adobe Screen capture got everything you need.

Other Mentions.

11. http://recordit.co/
12. http://www.sketchman-studio.com/rylstim-screen-recorder
13. https://tinytake.com/


However, you can find you next favorite desktop screen recording tool within in few minutes, yet you know we can not list all available screen recording software on this page, if you think we missed a tool you love, we’d love to add to this list.

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