DahliaOS Review, Installation guide, and download links inside


DahliaOS aims to merge Linux and Fushsia technology into a usable operating system. The project uses Linus Kernel and Zircon Microkernel which is invented by the Fushsia project. The majority of the apps that you will find in this system are based on Dart and Flutter.

The project currently we have applications for file manager, text editor, task manager, terminal, media player, and application manager.

The main page, and Github project:

Download DahliaOS for UEFI and Legacy BIOS

You can use Rufus or Etcher tool to create a bootable USB.

Known issues

We’ve tested it on a Mi notebook laptop and we figured out that so many things doesn’t work in this Alpha version including touch pad, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, settings page won’t load, and more. Even we tried to take some screenshots but there is no possible way as of now, so we are attaching pictures we have clicked from our phone.

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