Download Mi Notebook Ultra & Pro Drivers (Windows 11/10)


The Mi Notebook Ultra is a breath of fresh air in a segment often dominated by boring consumer PCs. Despite this, Xiaomi’s premium laptop lives up to its ‘ultra’ moniker. There is no brand in this segment that offers the same features and specifications as the Mi Notebook Ultra, starting with a 3.2K screen that has a 90Hz refresh rate and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The laptop is certainly worth considering if you have some confidence in Xiaomi, even if it’s not a legacy brand.   

Well, that was the good part about the laptop, but when you will install Windows 11 on it, or even do a clean-install of Windows. You will be missing some drivers which are not covered by Windows Update. One example is when the DTS Audio processing App displays “DTS audio process settings are unavailable as audio service connection lost” error and missing Power options as well. What’s the solution, download all the drivers for Mi notebook Ultra and Pro (Global and Indian variant) and install them manually.

We have uploaded all the drivers so you can easily download them. The following drivers are for MI notebook ultra Windows 11 and Windows 10.

MI NOTEBOOK ULTRA DRIVERS (05/2023): All Drivers pack (Windows 11/Windows 10)
Use this one zip package to download all the drivers at once.

SNDriver linkDescription
1Audio: Click here to downloadRealtek Audio
2BIOS: Click here to downloadBIOS
3Bluetooth: Click here to downloadBluetooth
4Chipset: Click here to downloadChipset
5DPTF: Click here to downloadIntel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework
6Fingerprint: Click here to downloadFingerprint
7GNA: Click here to downloadIntel® GNA Scoring Accelerator (offload the CPU)
8INTEL GFX: Click here to downloadGraphics Driver for Intel Iris
9*ME: Click here to download(India)
10*Mi Software : Click here to download(India)
11*Mi Support : Click here to download(India)
12MIUI : Click here to download(India)
13NVIDIA GFX: Click here to downloadDedicated GPU Drivers
14OSD : Click here to downloadOn Screen Display
15Power Management: Click here to downloadPower Management (Fn+K)
16SeriallO: Click here to downloadSerial Input and output
17TBT: Click here to downloadTurbo Boost Technology
18WLAN: Click here to downloadWiFI Drivers



Full names of drivers files

  • ME: Intel Management Engine
  • OSD: On-screen Display
  • Chipset: Processor driver
  • Serial IO: Serial Input and output
  • Intel_GFX: Intel Graphics device (Iris Xe)
  • NV_VGA: Nvidia Driver
  • DPTF: Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework
  • WLAN: WiFi Driver

Installation tips:

Most drivers are in ZIP format; right-click and select “Extract All” to extract them in a folder.

Inside the driver folder, you will find .bat files which installs the driver, this makes Audio Driver installation in one click. Remember to install drivers with Admin permission.

Windows screenshot showing

There will be SmartScreen and Windows permission prompts that you can safely bypass (if you are bold enough to trust Xiaomi—pun intended).

DTS audio Realtek Driver installation.

If you’re brave enough to install Windows 11 on Mi Notebook Ultra (as I did) you should take care of these things when installing Audio Driver, run the .bat file.

Afterward, open the DTS_UWP… > RTK… folder and run the appx file to install DTS Audio processing app and you can then configure various sound modes.

  1. I have faced this problem already but it was sorted before. Now the problem I’m facing with the macro key is if i try to search macro key on windows search bar there is no app/software called macro key. I’ve installed the OSD driver but it’s still not working

  2. mu MIUI+ app is not working. i tried reinstalling as well as contacting xiaomi and Microsoft but it didn’t get solved

  3. Thanks for curating the drivers and step-by-step instructions. looking forward to more content on tweaking the xioami notebook pro.

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