Fix Your Loose USB Ports with This Little Trick You Never Imagined

The story behind this post:

I have an Hp Probook 4540s laptop, as time passed my laptop’s USB ports became loose to hold any USB device. I mean plug-unplug a pen drive without any force. This irritates me so much as my data card is prone to be disconnected in just a little shack. That’s why I looked around, gathered the solution and wrote this post.

All laptops have this issue, with time USB Ports became loose, making it very easy to break the connection between USB Device and your computer. Even a drastic shack can break the connection, suppose you’re copying files to your USB flash drive and suddenly it stops? This is really bad and should not happen.

So what we can do to fix the USB ports on a laptop? You may have been worried about replacing the USB Ports or using a USB hub to connect USB gadgets. If you are using a Data Card to browse the internet, you may find it irritating when you have to move your laptop, and suddenly the internet connection interrupts? Chances are you also have the same problem, right?

How to fix loose usb port

What I did to tighten my loose USB ports without taking it to maintenance. Yes, you can use this below-given method to fix your USB ports, and they will become tight and hold your USB gadgets tightly.

  • Step 1. What is needed? A needle or something that has a sharp edge.
  • Step 2. Turn off your Laptop and rotate it to a position when you can see USB port clearly. Make sure to perform this under bright environment, use a flashlight if needed.
  • Step 3. You’ll see Two Pin Holders, which mainly support anything your plug into it. These go down with the time, and look like as shown in the image.
  • Step 4. Take the needle/screwdriver and pull up those 2 pins, Do this gently, not very hard. It should look like this once you pull them upward direction.
loose usb port fix

Soon, it will look like this. (No matter how often you clean your computer, the USB port is something where you can always find dust). Take anything that you find, make sure it has a sharp tip, use it to pull up the two [^_^] (what should I call them?) thing that supports USB device.

How to fix USB ports

So this was an easy guide to tighten your loose USB ports.

Did you find this trick useful? I think all of your friends having this problem, so share this article with them.

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  1. This one tip has saved me the cost of a new MB. I can’t thank you enough.
    BTW – the tiny flathead screwdrivers in eyeglass repair kits are PERFECT for this.

  2. Hey, I’ll definitely try this. Running low on cash with only a ten year old laptop to work on … I simply couldn’t take backup to external HDD as it keeps loosing connection.

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