Fix Windows Hello Not Working in Windows 10 & Windows 8?

Advertisement Users of windows 10 build are facing start menu and action center not working problem since that…

Users of windows 10 build are facing start menu and action center not working problem since that issue has an easy workaround. Users also reported that the new Windows Hello feature stopped working after Windows automatic update or after a period of time and Windows Hello settings displays “This device couldn’t be used” Luckily we have an easy fix for this problem.


  1. A user installed Windows 10 anniversary update or did a fresh installation of the 1607 windows 10 build.
  2. Configured Windows Hello to unlock the PC using the fingerprint scanner.
  3. After some time the PC couldn’t be able to unlock using the fingerprint scanner, thus going in Windows Hello settings says “Windows Hello can’t be used on this device.”

How to Fix Windows Hello Fingerprint stopped working

There can be a numbrous reason that may prevent Windows hello feature to work, the common reason is Windows does install an update that messes up with the feature, second can be you need to install the driver provided by your laptop manufacturer to be recognized by Windows 10. Currently, there are 4 fixes for the issue that interrupts Windows hello to functioning properly.

1. If your PC uses a Synaptics touchpad.

This problem occurs when Windows Automatic Update installs Synaptics touchpad driver automatically. This stops Windows hello to function properly, and it is bug in windows 10.

Search and open “Program and Features” from the start menu. (Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features)

Find Synaptic driver and uninstall it.

Note: This will not do any harm, but you may not configure your laptop's touchpad settings.

Different companies laptops have other touchpad drivers. You can also check your laptop’s support page to get latest drivers for windows 10.

2. Install KB3189866 Update

to Fix Windows Hello while having Touchpad drivers.

This new update removes the bug without the need to uninstall your computer’s Touchpad driver.

Head over to Windows update and Install all the available updates, this will also install the KB3189866 update. Or you can manually download the Cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607: September 13, 2016.

3. Find Drivers for your laptop fingerprint hardware

Check your devices support site for drivers, for instance, Dell and HP provide drivers according to the operating system and laptop model name or product id.

4. Reinstall Windows 10

Sounds a lot for this problem but a fresh windows installation can sort all the issues, what more you get is a clean and fast windows installation. If you don’t fear backup all the files and reinstalling windows then it’s the best option.

How to Fix Network Icon Missing in Windows 10

When start menu and action center stops working, sometimes the network indicator icon goes too, to fix that follow the same method described above.

How to Set Up Fingerprint Sign-in using Windows Hello

You can secure Windows using a password, which sometimes feels annoying as typing a password each time can be annoying and super boring (especially if you have a more than 6 character password) for this reason Windows also have PIN as a login method where you can set a 4 digit PIN to unlock windows quickly. For the laptops that comes with fingerprint scanner makes it easier to unlock windows with a matter of finger swipe.

Open Windows SettingsAccountsSign-in. (Or search “set up fingerprint sign-in“) Under Windows hello click Add fingerprint. Swipe any finer upside-down a few times.

windows hello stopped working

After windows 10 adds your fingerprint and let you use it next time to unlock PC hassle-free. You can also add more fingerprint’s, or family’s to let them unlock the computer with just a swipe of a finger.


With windows hello laptop with a fingerprint scanner will work as native hardware, no additional drivers are required (like hp security suite to use fingerprint scanners).


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