14 Best Funny Google Tricks You Can Enjoy on Google

Find all the funny google tricks at one place. We believe that Google is more than just a search engine. It has some hidden tricks you need to know.

Here are the best funny Google tricks that we can still use, and the best part is that they are still working. So next time when someone is near, brag by showing them these Google tricks, maybe they will start eating their hat. Alright, you should spend some time playing with cool funny and really interesting Google tricks. I must tell you that these are not magic, just creative minds of Google folks and others.

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Note: As per new Google search API changes, some of the tricks search features won’t work, i.e. you can open google space but you will not able to search anything. Also, use Google Chrome browser to take full advantage of these tricks and games. We love chrome not because it is fast also it has some killer features as well.

14 funny Google tricks you need to try.

This time, this exact time you need to spend some time discovering those hidden Google tricks. Share these trick with your friends and educate them.


Let’s start with this beautiful simple askew google trick. If you google askew (or click the link), the result page will be tilted. So you search the word ‘Askew’ which stands for tilted to one side in an angular position so the result page. And yes it works on smartphones as well.

askew google trick
Find more amazing projects here: http://elgoog.im/tilt/

Do A Barrel Roll

When you search “do a barrel roll” on Google, you will see result page rotating. Just by entering this keyword, the page will start circulating in clockwise direction and that pretty aesthetic to watch. Isn’t this funny and surprising? We don’t want to ruin the reaction on your face when you either type “Do a Barrel Roll” on google.

Google Space

In Google type ‘Google Space’ and then you’ll see everything will start floating. Now you can go here to see everything floating. Check here. This one is all-time favorite Google tricks for internet users. A similar google gravity trick is also available. On google’s search page both of the tricks what used to entertain people is no longer available and had been deprecated.

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So when do we type something misspelled words in Google, it suggests the possible word? When you type RECURSION word in search, you will be asked again that “did you mean RECURSION.” The did you mean simply won’t go anywhere, and that is the sick trick.

Check out HERE. Don’t blame me if you did not get this one.

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Google Heart Graph

You all know that you can use Google as a calculator just by searching terms like what is 343 + 434. It is not limited to solve only simple math queries, but can also be used as an advanced calculator.

There is a particular term that result a heart-shaped graph. Want to know what that term is?

All you need to copy-paste the below-given code to google and hit the enter button. Also, if you want, you can send that result page to someone you want to impress.

[(sqrt(cos(x))*cos(400*x)+sqrt (abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1]

You know this is not the exact equation you mail found in other places. I modified it a bit to make it perfect.

Binary Google Trick [dead]

Type “Binary” on a google search. The binary google trick is kind of dead now and not working anymore. Let me tell you about this when someone used to search this term in google, some binary number will be shown.

Some Google Tricks to Play games

Zerg Rush

This is an another brilliant search trick on google, type ‘Zerg Rush’ and YASS – This game is very simple, some ‘o’ shaped character will vanish the search result one by one. You need to stop by clicking on them.

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Atari Breakout

One of the best Google tricks you need to try, yes it is a game. I love this game, Type ‘Atari Breakout‘ on Google and then click the Images Tab. You can play this game to kill some of the time. Tip: keep playing because the game levels up.

google tricks games, best, top


Search ‘Solitaire’ or and enjoy the game, especially if you had removed the Windows Solitaire collection from windows 10.

google tricks, game, card game

Flip a Coin

Comes handy at many time, google “flip a coin” and here you go.

google funny tricks, google tricks, funny, top, best, amusing, tricks

Tic Toe Tic

Do you remember this game you used to play on the pages of the notebook? The classic game to sharpen your mind, now with different difficulty levels. All you have to do is search for “tic toe tic” on google.


Other Google Tricks

These are couple more Google tricks you can check out if you guess we missed your favorite Google trick, mention that in the comment.

Google Gravity

This Google funny trick does not work on the Google search page itself. You need to visit this site and check this amazing google gravity trick.

Google Sphere

Note: This also doesn’t work on google, check the link.

This little trick will start pushing everything around the search bar. But unfortunately, you can’t search something, as Google released new Search API’s. However, check out here.

Green Hill Zone

Type “green hill zone”, from the right sidebar, click 25 times on the sonic character will jump and roll, and clicking on that 25 times will turn him into Supersonic.

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Thanks to deborai-El for this tip.

One Does Not Walk into Mordor Google Trick

Are you a lord of the rings fan? This is just for you.. open google maps and enter this details.

From= The Shire // To= Mordor

Check out the results by yourself or just click here.

Google Countdown and stopwatch

Time is crucial and you should not waste it. If you’re doing a time-inclusive task tha “Countdown to <Time>” for example, you are going to type countdown to 5 minutes to run 5-minute countdown–easy peasy.

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On the same page, you’ll get the stopwatch right along the Timer which is accessible by clicking on the Stopwatch tab.

We have tried to put together the most of Google tricks and yeah we will be very soon coming up with some cool Google tips as well. Not only these, but there are also more Google tips and tricks you should know. For now, these are the best google search tricks you can enjoy. If you are feeling more you can hop on the 100 useless websites to waste your time. This page will be updated when we find an update to make this article a best funny google tricks place.

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  1. There are a couple of others like if you try to open Google when not connected to the internet on a laptop or PC you will see a dinosaur standing there and if you press spacebar the dino will jump and you will enter a game where you control the dinosaur and jump over cacti.its really funny and works! 😉
    Also if you type green hills zone just between the searchbox and the results you will see Sonic standing there and if you tap/click on him he will jump and if you click on him 25 times he will turn it SuperSonic! 🙂

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