Phoenix OS 2.1 PC 64-Bit/32-Bit Official links & Guide

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  1. pv says:

    Hi Devendra,

    We have a few old Dell Dimension desktops in our Senior Center with WinXP (SP3). They actually runs quite well, but seeing how risky it is to connect to the internet with XP, I’m wondering if it would be practical to convert them to Phoenix OS 2.1?

    These Dell PCs are in very good condition (phyically). They each have a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4 (x86), 1.5G RAM, a 60G HDD. and a CD-drive. Would the Phoenix OS support this configuration and run well? Their main use would be for internet surfing. Would some other OS be better for these Dells?

    Thank you,

    1. Devendra says:

      @PV Yes, Phoenix OS (as well as Remix OS) should work just fine. However, you can use other lightweight Linux distro if your main goal is to use a browser, on the other hand, I know “CubLinux” is a lightweight Linux look like Chrome OS, runs very well and uses less resources. Plus, I highly recommend unofficial Chromium OS build you should give it a try, it’s built to surf web.

  2. pv says:

    Thanks for that reply. It sounds as if you believe CubLinux is a better solution for our situation than Phoenix OS? …and I didn’t think that Chromium OS will run on 2004 PCs ! Where can I download it from?

  3. pv says:

    Oops, it looks as if CubLinux has been abandoned – or at the very least, discontinued.

    1. Devendra says:

      @PV Use these chromium builds:

      Lightweight Linux may work well, as the Phoenix OS is based on Android, means you can’t use, i.e., Chrome extensions.

      About Cublinux, Yes, I know, But I still love it, you can fetch the last release from here:

  4. eric says:

    does it need to activated during installation

    1. Devendra Meena says:

      Nope, it doesn’t ask. Only you need a Google account to download apps from play store.

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