5+ Words and Character Counting Tools (Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox)


The most valuable web tools are often the simple ones. A valid addition is; Characters Counter. It is a Firefox add-on that can include the number of characters. A word counter is a tiny app just like seen in word processors. You can discover one in MS Word and Google Docs and even in online writing tools such as Simplenote for example. The instrument is typically helpful because a client may need to meet a specific word check when chipping away at an archive. Pretty much as word number cutoff points are frequently vital while making an archive; character checks are critical when you are posting anything on the web.

Introducing Characters Counter, when you visit a page and highlight the content (You need to select the content and then right-click it). In the setting menu, you will see a choice that peruses “Characters” which displays the character count.

Character Counting Tools

Character count matters because social media restricts how long a message you can post. Twitter is one obvious example, but LinkedIn is also quite restrictive in this regard. If you ever need to cross-post between a social media site that is more generous with the word count to one that is more restrictive, this tool will be incredibly helpful. Characters Counter is not just useful if you spend much time on social media. Many online forms that you fill out often have a character limit, and they neglect to provide a way for you to count characters. In the absence of a tool like Characters Counter, you have to resort to using a third-party app in between to find the character count. It is not the most convenient way to work.

Characters Counter is true to its name, i.e., it only counts characters and doesn’t go the extra mile to give you the word count of the selected text. That is likely something that would have made it all the more useful, but when you are writing/posting on the web, the character count is the essential measurement you need.

Character counter for Chrome

Character counter for Firefox

Unlike the firefox addon, the character counter extension in chrome is a bit different, the word count won’t appear in the right-click context menu instead they will appear at the top of the page. You can also check this chrome extension as an alternative.

Do you use character count in web Browser

It’s a nice approach when you’re doing character-intensive work such as curating a post on Twitter or creating a promoted post. Opera users also can install chrome apps so they can also take advantage of the character counter tool.

Now you: What do you prefer? Word counter instead of character counter?

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