Top Video Recording Software That Don’t Require License


Have you ever seen PC tutorial videos on YouTube? To record a PC screen like that, you need some help from a screen recorder application for a PC.

Actually, you can just record the PC screen with the help of the camera. However, the PC screen recording results with the camera will not be as perfect as expected.

Therefore, many people prefer to use a PC screen recorder software. Because, with the help of this program, the recordings are more precise and look perfect.

Even better, many PC screen recorder applications can be used for free, especially for Windows OS, which is known as the mainstream OS.

The Function of Video Recording Software

A PC screen recorder software is needed to record video conferences, webinars, bonding activities with teammates, etc. Some applications, such as Zoom Webinar, provide a feature for recording meetings.

Some apps only record the visuals, but the audio doesn’t go into the recording. Some apps are also presented online in the form of a website. If you want to approach software like this, we highly recommend using VPN. You may protect your privacy with strong VPN encryption by PIA. Thus, your security will remain safe, with all your personal data staying hidden.

However, if your default video editing program on the PC does not provide this feature, you need additional software that can record the activities that are being carried out.

Top Free Video Recording Software

Here are the top best free video recording programs you may try. Let’s talk about the first one, Atomic Active.

1. Atomic Active

First, you can use Atom Active. Those who don’t want to be annoyed by watermarks can try this software that’s available for Windows OS and Mac OS.

Atomic Active is not only equipped with a screen recorder but also with the support for partial screen recording and other editing features that can help you polish the video to make it look more attractive.

The editing features in Atomic Active are pretty complete. There are many choices of video effects and sound effects that you can add for free.

By packing lots of features, it doesn’t simply mean that the appearance of this application will be very dull. Instead, Atomy Active comes with a minimalist user interface with themes that you can change at will.

2. OBS Studio

Of course, there is also OBS Studio which has a streaming feature, and there are many other features that can be very helpful for making high-quality screen recording videos.

Besides having a lot of features, OBS Studio also has the advantage in the simplistic design and easy to operate process. So, you will not experience confusion even if you use this software even for the first time.

Because of these two advantages, OBS Studio is widely used by YouTubers. Even better, this application is open source, so you can use it for free.

Besides being used on PCs with Windows operating systems, you can also use OBS Studio on Mac OS and Linux. To download it, you can directly visit the official website of the developer of this software.

3. Flashback Express

FlashBack Express is a PC screen recorder application that everyone can use on Windows operating systems. This application is a free version of the paid one, namely FlashBack Pro. Although it’s free of charge, your recordings will not have any watermarks on them.

With FlashBack Express, you can record the full screen, selected windows, specific areas, or even using a webcam. You can also directly edit, whether it’s crop or cut the length of the video, then save the video, edit it for a bit, and upload it to YouTube.

If you want a screen recording that looks professional, FlashBack Express can be the answer.

4. ShadowPlay

No less remarkable than the three previous PC screen recorder software, ShadowPlay also has many features that can help you record your PC screen.

Nvidia develops shadowPlay, so no wonder this application is specially designed for those of you who like to record PC screens when gaming. This application also supports live streaming features.

ShadowPlay can not only record videos up to 1080p, but you can also create high-quality gifs with the help of this free app.

Even though it’s a free application, don’t underestimate the features brought by ShadowPlay. You can immediately try this free software to learn more about its features.

5. Bandicam

Bandicam Screen Recorder is also highly recommended as one of the best screen recorder apps because there are so many features contained within.

The main feature of the Bandicam screen recorder is that it can record the screen with 1080p output quality. Later on, you can save recorded videos with various extensions, including MP4 or AVI.

This software can also record certain screen areas. In addition, Bandicam also supports video streaming, so those of you who like to play games while streaming on Facebook or YouTube can rely on this application.

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