What Operating System do I have? Here is how to Find out

Advertisement It can be anything, follow these below instructions under each section to spot what operating system do…

It can be anything, follow these below instructions under each section to spot what operating system do you have on your computer. (Laptops, Notebooks, desktop, tablets, mobile phones)

What Operating System Do I Have?

There are vast numbers of operating systems on the internet, here is the top 4 operating system, and on one of these, your computer might be running.

Microsoft Windows: 52% (Windows 10 > Windows 7 > Windows XP > Windows 8 / older)
MAC: 26%
Linux: 21%
Anything else: x.x

Note: The above stats are not accurate.

How do I know what operating system I have

Most of the computers and laptops are running on Windows. If you can see a Start menu, taskbar and some icons on the right side, or pressing the CTRL+E opens the Windows Explorer (My Computer/My PC), you have a Windows operating system. There are many windows versions, with different interfaces and characteristics. Below are three methods to find out which windows version is installed on your computer.

1. Check System Information:

One quick way to find which version you are using is to Press Win+R key and type “msinfo32” and hit enter (without quote). It will open System Information page, Check what’s written under the OS type section. Here is a screenshot of the system information page on Windows 10.



2. Check System page:

You can also right click on My Computer / My PC and click on Properties to load the information about your computer and operating system.


3. Use Command prompt:

Open command prompt and type “systeminfo” this will print the system information, and in the start, the operating system name will show.

How to open a command prompt on your computer also depends on Windows Installed. Way 1: Press Window key + R and type cmd and hit enter. Or right click on the start menu and select Command prompt. Way 2: Open start menu and search for system tools it will be there.


Windows settings About

Windows 11. You will see Windows 11 with an edition that can be Home, Pro, Enterprise, and others.

Windows 10. Similiar to Windows 10

Match your Windows operating system You have Windows 10 if,

  • Pressing the start button will load boxed tiles.
  • Pressing Win + E will open “This PC” (Windows Explorer).
  • There is a search box in the Taskbar or You know it as Cortana (commands #1, #2, #3)
  • You can use Ctrl+Win+D to create a virtual desktop (All window 10 keyboard shortcuts)
  • Press Win+X > System will show which Windows operating system you have installed on your computer.
  • Tapping 3 fingers on touchpad load Cortana search.
  • Flat UI / Material design.

With so many features Windows 10 is the best windows yet, the first Windows to come with a personal voice assistant Cortana, and there are a wide variety of commands and question that you can ask her. Some of them are really funny, and Cortana can handle such commands. Though the new Windows 10 ISO is updated to 1903 build known as May update and contains lots of ads, in most cases, they are helpful and cool. In case you are anytime soon updating to the Windows 10, you can probably just turn off all the inbuilt advertising If you think they will bother you.

You have Windows 8 if,

  • No start menu in the taskbar.
  • When Windows button pressed, boxed tiles will show ins fullscreen.
  • Charms bar (Ctrl+C) (move cursor from top/bottom right side screen to vertically down).

You have Windows 7 if,

  • Start menu, with a user profile at the top.
  • Right, click on the desktop you’ll see Widgets option.

You have Windows XP if,

  • Green color starts menu button.
  • The start tune will be like, this.
  • Startup/shutdown sound.

If your PC is Old

Most probably you’ll have Windows 95 or Windows 98, but if you have older than Windows XP, operating system, it doesn’t make sense, and you’ll have to either upgrade or buy a new computer.

Windows is not the Operating System. Apart from Windows, there are several other operating systems. We are addressing them briefly.

If you have MAC

If you have an Apple product, sure you’re running on MAC operating system.

Windows 11.

Chances are pretty high that you will find which operating system do you have, in case you are still puzzled, take a moment and express in the comment section.

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