How to Change Computer Name in Windows 11

Have you thought about changing the default computer name? Windows 11 has made things even more manageable despite being easy in previous versions. Computers can now be renamed in their settings, in the ‘System’ tab, on the main page of the setting screen.

As well as changing the name through the Settings, you can use PowerShell or The Command Prompt to change the name of your computer. Here’s how to change your computer’s name on Windows 11, whether you’ve just bought a new computer or have another reason for it. I personally changed my PC name to something simple such as Yoo so every time Alexa Echo announce Now connected to Yoo instead of some weird gibberish name.


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Rename Computer Name on Window 11

  1. From Start  > Settings  > System > About.
  2. Select Rename this PC
  3. A box will appear asking you for a New Name, Enter a new name for your PC, and click on Next.
  4. Select Restart now or Restart later.

The process involves pressing the Windows key, selecting the ‘Start Menu’, searching for ‘Settings’, and launching the relevant app from the search results. (Press Windows + I to open Settings as a keyboard ninja).

At the top of the screen, you will see your computer name prominently displayed. You can rename the computer by clicking the ‘Rename’ option.

Now, enter the new computer name in the text box and click on ‘Next’. You PC now ask you to logout, save all your work and click proceed.

For the new computer name to take effect, you must rename your computer. In the settings, you’ll see the new computer name after restarting the computer.

Change PC name from System Properties

Changing the computer name can also be done through the properties menu. Using this method, a dialog box appears when you enter a character that’s no longer permitted, displaying the list of acceptable characters. The characters can then be deleted and a name can be created that is compliant with the standard.

In Windows, press the Windows key to open the ‘Start Menu’, type ‘sysdm.cpl‘, and click the search result for the desired computer name.

Press Windows + R and enter the same

‘System Properties’ opens automatically with the ‘Computer Name’ tab selected. Choose ‘Change’ from the menu. the next prompt will ask you for a new computer name, please select anything and click on Next.

If the computer needs to be restarted, please select ‘Restart now’ to restart it immediately. It is very important to make sure that all your files are saved before restarting the computer. Once you’ve saved all the work, restart your PC and it’ll be known by the new name.

Other methods to Change Computer Name

#Command Prompt

wmic computersystem where name="OLD NAME" call rename name="NEW NAME"

Note: Don’t use the above command as it is, change OLD name with current PC name and New Name with anything you’d like. there are many people

If the method was successfully executed, then a message will say the same.


Rename-Computer -NewName "New Name"

It doesn’t matter which method you choose, since the end result remains the same. The two first options, however, should be used if you are not familiar with ‘Command Prompt’ and ‘PowerShell’. Since the end result is the same regardless of the method, there is no difference between them.

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