The Best SNES Emulator for Windows with Instructions to use

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  1. The Real Roxanne says:

    BSNES or HIGAN are great when it comes to compatibility, but they miss some comfortable functions like zipped-rom-support, more romtype-support (only sfc). They also miss that the user can choose a screen-resolution. This is especially bad when you want to play PAL-games on modern flatscreenmonitors, because then you must have the possibility in the emulator to choose a screenresolution like for example 720×576-50Hz or so (you also need a flatscreenmonitor which support 50Hz-modes). PAL games should be played on a 50Hz or 100Hz fullscreen-resolution, only then you have perfect smooth-scrolling. Such important things are missing in BSNES and i can not understand why? Older emulators like ZSNES or SNES9X have these functions included. Putting all attention in BSNES on perfect-emulation helps not, when the emulator is not comfortable to use or miss important functions.

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