10 Best VR Apps for Android to enhance Virtual Reality Experience


Best VR apps for Android to make the best of your Virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality is in the trend, although Virtual reality headsets are not quite satisfying yet. One thing I can say for sure is that some expensive headsets are available in the market as Microsoft’s Holo Lens, which does not work with Android. There are also virtual reality headsets that collaborate with any Android device running on Android 4.1 or Newer, but those are quite expensive. Apart from this, there are cheaper headsets in the market, most of them only cause a problem for your eyeballs.

If you are getting bored with your smartphone, then a virtual reality headset can be an excellent accessory that surely amazes you. Virtual reality is getting popular, and now we have plenty of VR apps, Some of the best VR apps for Virtual Reality headset (such as Google Cardboard headset) are here. Specifications of different virtual reality apps are given below. You can choose the best one for you.

I assume that you already bought a virtual reality headset for your Android device to play with it. But first you need to check whether it will work with your Android mobile or not, this is the best guide to determine the same.

1. Google Cardboard app

Google Cardboard app is an official app by Google. It works with almost all headsets, and you just need to scan the QR code placed on the headset. It changes the world of VR completely. When I first ordered cheap virtual reality headset, this was the first app that I installed on my phone. You will be asked to scan the QR code on your headset when you start this application for the first time. From the app you can do some sort of thing, there is a section where you can experience virtual reality, watch out you’ll see flying swans, a fox, and lots of plants. It is pretty fascinating that it would do most of the things like giving you a basic experience of virtual reality. From the app you can access all the stored video and watch them, despite the fact that you have standard videos, you’ll see them in a 3d environment.

2. Full dive VR

This app is best to see videos online by Youtube etc. It supports site like youtube, daily motion and plenty more. It has an inbuilt VR player and VR browser to view online contents. It is the best app to see day dreams. It is also a free app. It’s features like camera, and gallery etc. make it more attractive. You can know more about it by its official site fulldive.com

3. AAA VR Cinema

AAA VR Cinema is a simple video player which helps you to play your local phone’s video for VR. This app is quite easier to use. You can download videos from the internet and play it through this app. It contains features like 180-degree and 360-degree video, head tracking, etc. which helps to watch video smoothly.It is free and quickly downloads by PLAY STORE. It runs smoothly on Android 4.1 or up.

4. Titans of Space

To see the sky from the balcony of our home make us feel that can we see these planets clearly in front of our eyes, To fulfill our wish this app help us to see the whole universe, solar system, galaxies, etc. in a 360 degrees view with the support of VR. This app is lovable by students they enjoy this app and learn what our solar system is! Different sounds make it more striking. It Gives the real feeling of cosmos. It’s a free app, But if you want a voice narrator, it is necessary to buy DLC for $2.99.

5. Google Street View

Google Street View is an old member of Google Maps, and it was now designed to support VR. New updates are launched to supports VR. , It gives a feature to view streets, parks, and other places in 360 degrees. New updates are come in the market, through which you can also use your Google Cardboard. But to see India in a 360-degree view it is not updated now, and it will launch soon. By watching the world by google street view, it experienced us great fun.

6. YouTube

Today YouTube plays an important role to watch online videos. It changes the way to watch any video on you one click. So due to the demand of more and more users, it gets developed by Google day by day. Google wants to improve this scenario, and they can’t take the risk, users are expecting more and more from them, so Google added a new feature that YouTube is designed for VR its 3d view make it more attractive. But all video is eligible for 3d view. It is a free app, but if you want to remove ads, you can get YouTube Red subscription its worth is $9.99/month.

7. VLC for Android

I think everyone usually knows VLC. At that time it was the most popular media player for Windows.And is launched by VideoLan. This media player got the highest ranking among all media players. Now VedioLan does not wants to decrease their reputation. Now they launched VLC for Android which got ratings of 4+ in Google play store. VLC now started 3d feature for VR it is also a reason to get this position in Google Play store. The best feature of this app is that any websites can directly stream videos  It is a free app and can be downloaded from Google Play store. It is getting more and more popular. So go for it.

8. Expeditions

It is an education purpose app to create an environment of the classroom. It improves the way to feel your surrounding and help to keep you stress-free. Not only for the education purpose it can be used in different ways like to see different landscapes, landmarks, landforms, etc. It contains 360 degrees mode which can work without VR. This app is free and can be accessible from Google play store.

9. Apollo 15 Moon Landing VR

Apollo 15 Landing VR is an app designed to give a realistic experience of space. Its Famous Moon Landing moment is too good it gives the real feeling of that moment. It is too realistic because it uses real footage captured by NASA best if you use a high-resolution screen phone.

Of course, these apps are not as fascinating as niche VR, but everyone can use these apps on their Android phone. Do you use any other app that you think could be a great addition to our best VR apps list?

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