Bliss OS 12 PC – Android Marshmallow Review and Guides

Bliss OS is an Android operating system for a computer which offers almost near-to-stock Android interface but with extra functionalities to drive the operating system.

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Blisspop is pure Android x86 ports but with few modifications like the taskbar and system stability. You can also launch apps in Windowed mode rather the full-screen which helps opening two or more apps side by side.

A note about Openthos and Bliss OS: When testing both OS failed to boot over UEFI firmware, they run successfully when Legacy mode was turned on from the BIOS settings. So if you have a computer with only UEFI firmware you maybe not be able to boot both of the Android Operating System from a bootable media device. But if you insist and like to test them you can use a virtual machine software to run them on the operating system you are using. Some of the modern computers might have support for Legacy mode, but you need to enable it from the BIOS settings. So technically if you are running on Windows 8 or newer your computer probably has support for UEFI firmware in you might face problems booting these two so check in your BIOS settings if you can find Legacy mode and enable it.

For people who care less about highly modified Android OS under a Windows look-alike skin but still want some usability features should try this.

Bliss OS for 32-bit and 64-bit PC | download


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