How to Install MIUI 13 Stable + Download Links


Glad you made it here. Xiaomi keeps its phone updated including sub-brands (Poco, MI, Redmi) in different regions. Read more – Download MI Flash Tool 2022 / Beta, MI Flash Tool

MIUI 13 latest download links and tracker

The page lists all the updates of MI UI13 for available devices supported officially since a device can be available worldwide there are multiple updates to a single device region-wise.

Device NameMIUI VersionMIUI 13 Download
Mi 10V13.0.5.0.SJBMIXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.4.0.SJBINXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.5.0.SJBEUXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.3.0.SJBIDXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.1.0.SJBRUXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.4.0.SJBEUXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.3.0.SJBMIXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.3.0.SJBINXMDownload
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10V13.0.1.0.SJBEUXMDownload
Mi 10V13.0.4.0.SJBCNXMDownload
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10V13.0.3.0.SJBCNXMDownload
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10V13.
Mi 10 LiteV13.0.3.0.SJIMIXMDownload
Mi 10 LiteV13.0.2.0.SJITWXMDownload
Mi 10 LiteV13.0.3.0.SJIEUXMDownload
Mi 10 LiteV13.0.2.0.SJIMIXMDownload
Mi 10 Lite ZoomV13.0.2.0.SJVCNXMDownload
Mi 10 ProV13.0.3.0.SJAEUXMDownload
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 ProV13.0.3.0.SJACNXMDownload
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 ProV13.0.2.0.SJACNXMDownload
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 ProV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.0.4.0.SJJCNXMDownload
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.0.1.0.SJJCNXMDownload
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10 UltraV13.
Mi 10iV13.0.4.0.SJSINXMDownload
Mi 10iV13.0.3.0.SJSINXMDownload
Mi 10SV13.0.6.0.SGACNXMDownload
Mi 10SV13.
Mi 10SV13.
Mi 10SV13.
Mi 10SV13.
Mi 10SV13.
Mi 10T / 10T ProV13.0.4.0.SJDIDXMDownload
Mi 10T / 10T ProV13.0.5.0.SJDINXMDownload
Mi 10T / Mi 10T ProV13.0.3.0.SJDIDXMDownload
Mi 10T / Mi 10T ProV13.0.6.0.SJDEUXMDownload
Mi 10T / ProV13.0.7.0.SJDEUXMDownload
Mi 10T / ProV13.0.1.0.SJDTWXMDownload
Mi 10T / ProV13.0.1.0.SJDRUXMDownload
Mi 10T / ProV13.0.4.0.SJDINXMDownload
Mi 10T / ProV13.0.3.0.SJDMIXMDownload
Mi 10T LiteV13.0.2.0.SJSTRXMDownload
Mi 10T LiteV13.0.2.0.SJSTWXMDownload
Mi 10T LiteV13.0.2.0.SJSMIXMDownload
Mi 10T LiteV13.0.5.0.SJSEUXMDownload
Mi 10T LiteV13.0.1.0.SJSTRXMDownload
Mi 10T LiteV13.0.2.0.SJSEUXMDownload
Mi 10T Lite / Mi 10i / Redmi Note 9 Pro 5GDownload
Mi 11V13.0.3.0.SKBMIXMDownload
Mi 11V13.0.6.0.SKBEUXMDownload
Mi 11V13.
Mi 11V13.0.1.0.SKBIDXMDownload
Mi 11V13.
Mi 11V13.
Mi 11V13.0.4.0.SKBEUXMDownload
Mi 11V13.0.1.0.SKBMIXMDownload
Mi 11V13.0.1.0.SKBEUXMDownload
Mi 11V13.
Mi 11V13.0.1.0.SKBEUXMDownload
Mi 11V13.0.6.0.SKBCNXMDownload
Mi 11V13.
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.8.0.SKQMIXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.3.0.SKQIDXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.4.0.SKQTRXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.2.0.SKQTRXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.1.0.SKQRUXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.1.0.SKQIDXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.1.0.SKQINXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.4.0.SKQMIXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.3.0.SKQEUXMDownload
Mi 11 LiteV13.0.2.0.SKQMIXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 4GV13.0.3.0.SKQINXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.5.0.SKIEUXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.2.0.SKIJPXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.8.0.SKICNXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.1.0.SKIJPXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.4.0.SKIEUXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.2.0.SKIMIXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.
Mi 11 Lite 5GV13.0.7.0.SKICNXMDownload
Mi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.4.0.SKOMIXMDownload
Mi 11 Pro / UltraV13.0.3.0.SKAINXMDownload
Mi 11 Pro / UltraV13.0.3.0.SKAIDXMDownload
Mi 11 Pro / UltraV13.0.9.0.SKACNXMDownload
Mi 11 Pro/UltraV13.
Mi 11 Pro/UltraV13.
Mi 11 UltraV13.0.7.0.SKAEUXMDownload
Mi 11 UltraV13.0.4.0.SKAMIXMDownload
Mi 11 UltraV13.
Mi 11 UltraV13.
Mi 11 UltraV13.0.2.0.SKAIDXMDownload
Mi 11 UltraV13.0.2.0.SKAINXMDownload
Mi 11 UltraV13.0.2.0.SKAMIXMDownload
Mi 11 UltraV13.0.5.0.SKAEUXMDownload
Mi 11 Ultra / Mi 11 ProV13.
Mi 11 Ultra/ProV13.
Mi 11iV13.0.6.0.SKKEUXMDownload
Mi 11iV13.0.2.0.SKKMIXMDownload
Mi 11iV13.0.1.0.SKKMIXMDownload
Mi 11iV13.0.5.0.SKKEUXMDownload
Mi 11TV13.0.3.0.SKWMIXMDownload
Mi 11XV13.0.6.0.SKHINXMDownload
Mi 11XV13.0.4.0.SKHINXMDownload
Mi 11XDownload
Mi 11X ProV13.0.1.0.SKKINXMDownload
Mi 11X ProDownload
Mi MIX 4V13.
Mi MIX 4V13.
Mi MIX 4V13.
Mi MIX 4V13.0.4.0.SKMCNXMDownload
Mi MIX 4V13.
Mi Mix FoldV13.0.3.0.RJTCNXMDownload
Mi Mix FoldV13.0.2.0.RJTCNXMDownload
Mi Note 10 LiteV13.0.3.0.SFNRUXMDownload
Mi Note 10 LiteV13.0.2.0.SFNEUXMDownload
Mi Note 10 LiteV13.0.1.0.SFNEUXMDownload
Mi Note 10 LiteV13.0.1.0.SFNTRXMDownload
Mi Note 10 LiteV13.0.1.0.SFNEUXMDownload
Mi Note 10 LiteV13.0.1.0.SFNMIXMDownload
Mi Pad 5V13.0.9.0.RKXCNXMDownload
Mi Pad 5V13.0.1.0.RKXTRXMDownload
Mi Pad 5V13.0.1.0.RKXRUXMDownload
Mi Pad 5V13.0.2.0.RKXTWXMDownload
Mi Pad 5V13.0.3.0.RKXEUXMDownload
Mi Pad 5V13.0.1.0.RKXMIXMDownload
Mi Pad 5 ProV13.0.10.0.RKYCNXMDownload
Mi Pad 5 ProV13.0.6.0.RKYCNXMDownload
POCO F2 ProV13.0.2.0.SJKMIXMDownload
POCO F2 ProV13.0.1.0.SJKRUXMDownload
POCO F2 ProV13.0.1.0.SJKIDXMDownload
POCO F2 ProV13.0.1.0.SJKMIXMDownload
POCO F3V13.0.2.0.SKHRUXMDownload
POCO F3V13.0.3.0.SKHMIXMDownload
POCO F3V13.0.2.0.SKHMIXMDownload
POCO F3V13.0.3.0.SKHEUXMDownload
POCO F3 GTV13.0.3.0.SKJINXMDownload
POCO F3 GTV13.0.1.0.SKJINXMDownload
POCO F3 GTV13.0.0.10.SKJINXMDownload
POCO F4V13.0.2.0.SLMINXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.4.0.SLJIDXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.6.0.SLJEUXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.3.0.SLJTWXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.5.0.SLJMIXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.2.0.SLJRUXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.2.0.SLJIDXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.4.0.SLJEUXMDownload
POCO F4 GTV13.0.3.0.SLJMIXMDownload
POCO M3V13.0.6.0.SKHEUXMDownload
POCO X2 / Redmi K30 4GV13.0.1.0.SGHCNXMDownload
POCO X3 GTV13.0.2.0.SKPTRXMDownload
POCO X3 GTV13.0.2.0.SKPIDXMDownload
POCO X3 GTV13.0.4.0.SKPMIXMDownload
POCO X3 GTV13.0.1.0.SKPTRXMDownload
POCO X3 GTV13.0.3.0.SKPMIXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.2.0.SJURUXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.2.0.SJUTRXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.2.0.SJUINXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.4.0.SJUMIXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.1.0.SJUTWXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.1.0.SJUIDXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.1.0.SJURUXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.1.0.SJUTRXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.1.0.SJUINXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.1.0.SJUEUXMDownload
POCO X3 ProV13.0.3.0.SJUMIXMDownload
POCO X4 GT / ProV13.0.1.0.SLOEUXMDownload
POCO X4 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.5.0.RKCMIXMDownload
POCO X4 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.3.0.RKCEUXMDownload
POCO X4 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.4.0.RKCMIXMDownload
POCO X4 Pro 5G / Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.2.0.RKCEUXMDownload
Redmi 10V13.0.2.0.SKUIDXMDownload
Redmi 10V13.0.5.0.RGEINXMDownload
Redmi 10V13.0.4.0.RGEINXMDownload
Redmi 10V13.0.1.0.SKUMIXMDownload
Redmi 10 / 2022V13.0.1.0.SKURUXMDownload
Redmi 10 / 2022V13.0.1.0.SKUTWXMDownload
Redmi 10 / Redmi 10 2022V13.0.4.0.SKUMIXMDownload
Redmi 10 5G / POCO M4V13.0.2.0.SLSMIXMDownload
Redmi 10 Prime+ 5GV13.0.2.0.SLSINXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.8.0.RGEMIXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.3.0.RGETWXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.7.0.RGEMIXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.2.0.RGETWXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.3.0.RGERUXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.6.0.RGEMIXMDownload
Redmi 10CV13.0.4.0.RGEINXMDownload
Redmi K30V13.
Redmi K30 / Poco X2Weekly Beta 21.10.29Download
Redmi K30 4GV13.
Redmi K30 5GDownload
Redmi K30 ProV13.0.4.0.SJKCNXMDownload
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.0.2.0.SJKCNXMDownload
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.0.1.0.SJKCNXMDownload
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 ProV13.
Redmi K30 UltraV13.
Redmi K30i 5GDownload
Redmi K30S UltraV13.0.5.0.SJDCNXMDownload
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.0.4.0.SJDCNXMDownload
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.0.1.0.SJDCNXMDownload
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K30S UltraV13.
Redmi K40V13.0.6.0.SKHCNXMDownload
Redmi K40V13.
Redmi K40V13.
Redmi K40V13.
Redmi K40V13.0.3.0.SKHCNXMDownload
Redmi K40V13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.0.7.0.SKJCNXMDownload
Redmi K40 GamingV13.0.4.0.SKJCNXMDownload
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.0.3.0.SKJCNXMDownload
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 GamingV13.
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro +V13.
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro +V13.
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+V13.
Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+V13.
Redmi K40 Pro/+V13.
Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+V13.0.6.0.SKKCNXMDownload
Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+V13.
Redmi K40SV13.0.5.0.SLMCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V13.0.16.0.SLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V13.0.13.0.SLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V13.0.7.0.SLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V13.0.6.0.SLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V13.0.5.0.SLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50V13.0.1.0.SLNCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 Gaming EditionV13.0.6.0.SLJCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 Gaming EditionV13.0.3.0.SLJCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 ProV13.0.9.0.SLKCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 ProV13.0.8.0.SLKCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 ProV13.0.7.0.SLKCNXMDownload
Redmi K50 ProV13.0.4.0.SLKCNXMDownload
Redmi K50G (Gaming)V13.0.9.0.SLJCNXMDownload
Redmi K50G (Gaming)V13.0.5.0.SLJCNXMDownload
Redmi K50G (Gaming)V13.0.4.0.SLJCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.8.0.SKGMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.5.0.SKGEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.7.0.SKGMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.1.0.SKGTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.4.0.SKSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.4.0.SKGEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.
Redmi Note 10V13.0.5.0.SKGMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10V13.0.3.0.SKGMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 5GV13.0.2.0.SKSMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 5GV13.0.3.0.SKSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 5GDownload
Redmi Note 10 5G / POCO M3 Pro 5GV13.0.2.0.SKSEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.10.0.SKFEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.3.0.SKFTWXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.4.0.SKFTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.9.0.SKFEUXMDwonload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.7.0.SKFMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.2.0.SKFTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.1.0.SKFIDXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.1.0.SKFTWXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.4.0.SKFMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.3.0.SKFEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.3.0.SKFEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 ProV13.0.2.0.SKFMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro MaxV13.0.4.0.SKFINXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro / Pro MaxV13.0.1.0.SKFINXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.0.4.0.SKPCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.0.3.0.SKPCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.0.2.0.SKPCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GV13.
Redmi Note 10SV13.0.6.0.SKLMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 10sV13.0.2.4.SKLMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.3.0.RGCTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.10.0.RGCINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.12.0.RGCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.9.0.RGCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.8.0.RGCINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.5.0.RGCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.5.0.RGCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11V13.0.1.0.RGCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.4.0.RGKIDXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.8.0.RGKMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.10.0.RGKEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.7.0.RGKMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.7.0.RGKEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.3.0.RGKRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.5.0.RGKEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.2.0.RGKRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.1.0.RGKEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 NFCV13.0.2.0.RGKRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 ProV13.0.4.0.RGDMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 ProV13.0.3.0.RGDMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro / Pro+V13.
Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5GV13.0.8.0.RKCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.4.0.RGDRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.8.0.RGDMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.5.0.RGDINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.3.0.RGDTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.7.0.RGDMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 4GV13.0.5.0.RGDEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.4.0.RKCEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.1.0.RKCTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.3.0.RKCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.1.0.RKCEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GV13.0.2.0.RKCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G / POCO X4 Pro 5GV13.0.13.0.RKCMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GV13.0.1.0.SKTTRXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GV13.0.1.0.SKTRUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GV13.0.1.0.SKTMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GV13.0.2.0.SKTEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11EV13.0.3.0.SLSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11EV13.0.1.0.SLSCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11E ProV13.0.6.0.RKCCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11E ProV13.0.4.0.RKCCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 ProV13.0.1.0.RKEEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.4.0.RKEINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.3.0.RKEIDXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.2.0.RKETWXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.2.0.RKEINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.4.0.RKEMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.3.0.RKEMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 4GV13.0.2.0.RKERUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S / POCO M4 Pro 5GV13.0.5.0.RKEMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S 5GV13.0.3.0.RGLTWXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S 5GV13.0.5.0.RGLMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S 5GV13.0.5.0.RGLEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S/POCO M4 ProV13.0.3.0.RKERUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S/POCO M4 ProV13.0.3.0.RKEINXMDownload
Redmi Note 11S/POCO M4 ProV13.0.3.0.RKEEUXMDownload
Redmi Note 11T Pro / Pro+V13.0.7.0.SLOCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11T Pro / Pro+V13.0.5.0.SLOCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+V13.0.4.0.SLOCNXMDownload
Redmi Note 8 (2021)V13.0.2.0.SCURUXMDownload
Redmi Note 8 (2021)V13.0.4.0.SCUMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 8 (2021)V13.0.2.0.SCUMIXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 5GV13.0.2.0.SJECNXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 5GV13.0.1.0.SJECNXMDownload
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5GV13.0.3.0.SJSCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5GV13.
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.2.0.SKOCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.3.0.SKOTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.3.0.SKOTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.3.0.SKORUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.5.0.SKOINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.1.0.SKOTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.3.0.SKOINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.1.0.SKORUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEV13.0.5.0.SKOEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11i / HyperchargeV13.0.2.0.SKTINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11i / HyperChargeV13.0.1.0.SKTINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.2.0.SKWIDXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.2.0.SKWRUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.5.0.SKWEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.4.0.SKWEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.3.0.SKWMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.1.0.SKWIDXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.1.0.SKWRUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.1.0.SKWTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.1.0.SKWTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.2.0.SKWMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 11TV13.0.2.0.SKWEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.3.0.SKDTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.2.0.SKDINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.4.0.SKDMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.1.0.SKDINXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.1.0.SKDJPXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.1.0.SKDTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.1.0.SKDTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.2.0.SKDIDXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.8.0.SKDEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.2.0.SKDMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 11T ProV13.0.1.0.SKDMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.18.0.SLCEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.2.0.SLCTRXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.17.0.SLCEUXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.2.0.SLCIDXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.7.0.SLCMIXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.3.0.SLCTWXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.0.28.0.SLCCNXMDownload
Xiaomi 12V13.
Xiaomi 12V13.
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Xiaomi 12V13.
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Xiaomi 12 ProV13.0.17.0.SLBEUXMDownload
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MIUI9 Stable is in action, here is how to install MIUI 13ROM on your xiaomi phone before anyone else.

MIUI stable version is available for several redmi and mi series phones. This new stable update will bring many features and is expected to give a better user experience. One of the features is software-driven facial scanning ability so your current phone can make use of biometric scanning and recognition without having the appropriate hardware such as presented in the new iPhone X (however, the performance of software-driven biometric scanning isn’t excellent).

Also, the update will introduce the Split-screen feature which users gave up after waiting for a long time (but may not be available for all devices). So here is the feature which everyone knows is available by default in MIUI 13.

Download MIUI 13 stable update and install it on your device.

The easiest way is open the “updater app” on your Xiaomi phone and look for the latest update. If the app is showing MIUI9, it’s awesome, as all you have to tap is the update button, after downloading the update file your phone automatically flashes it, and it will get updated to MIUI 13

If you don’t see MIUI 13 update, then cross your fingers and read the next paragraph.

Being a xiaomi user, you must be familiar with or heard names such as recovery and Fastboot ROM. Newbie? don’t worry, a recovery ROM is either a full ROM package or can be an update file, on the other hand, a Fastboot file is bigger and used to fresh install MIUI on your Phone using a computer.

Note that installing Fastboot ROM takes less time compared to installing recovery ROM because when you install recovery ROM, it acts like its installing and updating the system partition with new data while preserving user data as it is, this mostly results in all of your installed apps and data will remain safe while the operating system gets updated.

But make no mistake, backup your important files before updating to MIUI 13.

Step 1. Grab MIUI 13 ROM

Visit this MIUI download page, and look for your phone. Click on your phone’s image and download the MIUI 13 version if possible. Those pages list only recovery ROMs, so if you want to get a Fastboot ROM visit this page instead.

Step 2. Install MIUI 13 Using Updater

Recovery ROM: place the MIUI 13 recovery ROM somewhere in your phone’s internal storage, where you can easily find the file later.

Open the updater app, tap on the three dots icon on the top right side then select “choose update package” when file Explorer pROMpt navigate and choose the recovery file. And select it to flash it using the phone’s mi recovery.

Install MIUI 13 – Other Methods

By unlocking bootloader and flashing MIUI9 recovery ROM using TWRP.

Installation steps, we’ve together all the resources you’ll need to flash MIUI9 ROM, the first method uses a custom Android recovery to flash MIUI 13 ROM, and in the 2nd method, we will use the official MI Flash tool to install MIUI 13 using the fastboot ROM.

Step 1. Unlock your bootloader.

Get the Unlock tool at this MIUI support page. Log in to the same account on your Xiaomi device. Don’t hurry or worry, I have been there, you can trust me on this. It will take some patience, but I assure you you’ll get your device’s bootloader unlocked, so you can flash any ROM, and do everything a rooted phone could ever do, these days MI gives permission in a short span of time, the second time only took me less than 30 minutes.

Open your phone > about > MIUI version > tap several time to enable developer options. Now go to “developer options” and enable the “OEM unlock” and “USB debugging“.

  • Step 1. Turn off your phone and boot into fastboot mode, (Power + Vol down key simultaneously).
  • Step 2. Open MI unlock tool as administrator or just as you open any setup file by double-clicking on it. Accept the rules, and the terms of the MI unlock tool. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet on your laptop or computer.
  • Step 3. Sign in with your MI account, and you can use your email and password, though, not necessarily.
  • Step 4. Make sure your phone is connected to the computer via the USB cable while in fastboot mode. On a successful connection, you’ll see the “unlock” button, click on that and hold tight.
  • Step 5. You’ll be asked to repeat the process after 11 Days or 360 hours.

Step 2. Install TWRP recovery.

Download ADB and fastboot zip (Download and extract on your computer).

Step 1. Open your phone in the fastboot mode and connected to the computer using the USB cable. You’ll need to install the ADB driver and the Fastboot zip files to flash the twrp. img on your phone.

Step 2. Right-click in the white or black area and choose “open command pROMpt windows fROM here“, here is an image fROM an old guide.

Enable “Open Command Window Here” Option in SHIFT+Right-Click Menu

how to root redmi note 3 using twrp

Step 3. Now the command pROMpt window will open, and you’ll need to type a few commands to install TWRP on the phone. Please note that handle this with care and do not type imaginary commands, this might do nasty things to your phone).

Type the following command to determine whether your phone is successfully connected to the computer.

fastboot devices

If you see some characters, this confirms that the phone is in fastboot mode and connected successfully to the computer and there is no need to install other drivers.

Now enter the following command to flash the TWRP recovery. Replace the ‘twrp.img’ If your twrp recovery file has a different name. The twrp. img file should be in the same folder.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Or To temporary boot into TWRP recovery (One time)

fastboot boot twrp.img

You can use the following command to reboot. That’s not required. Though, you can press the “Vol + Power Up” button simultaneously to load the TWRP recovery menu.

fastboot reboot

Step 4. Flashing MIUI 13.

Alright, now access the Twrp menu and choose Install > and select the location where you put the MIUII ROM file > Flash it.

Next time when you start your phone, it will have the SuperSu application installed which will manage root permission to apps and things that require it.

Step 3. Flash MIUI 13 ROM along with Gapps

As of now, we have a China beta link for MIUI 13 for Redmi Note 4 (which is also applicable to Redmi 4). Download the ROM using this link.

Install MIUI9 ROM using MiFlash Tool


  • A PC with fastboot drivers installed.
  • MiFlash tool (requires .Net framework 3.5)
  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • MIUI9 Fastboot ROM.

Note: backup all of your data to an external location like on your computer because installing MIUI 13 ROM will erase everything on your phone.

  1. Open the phone settings app, head to About, and tap on MIUI Version several times to enable developer’s options. FROM there enable USB debugging and unlock OEM options.
  2. Download and install MI flash software on your computer.
  3. Turn off your Xiaomi device and enter into fastboot mode by holding the power button + volume down simultaneously. You will see an Android robot when your phone is in fastboot mode.
  4. Launch MI flash application, and ensure that your phone is connected to the computer via the USB cable while in fastboot mode. There is a “refresh” in MI flash application that will display connected devices in fastboot mode. Make sure you have an unlocked bootloader, otherwise you won’t be able to flash the MIUI9 fastboot ROM.
  5. Get MIUI9 fastboot ROM for your phone. Extract the file fastboot ROM on your desktop. Redmi Note 4 MIUI9 Fastboot ROM:
  6. FROM MI Flash tool click on “Select” button and navigate to the MIUI 13 fastboot extracted folder. Then click on “Flash” button.

After a couple of minutes, your phone will automatically reboot and will take Furthermore time to set up things. Once you are all set, you have to select your country and a few another setting, and you are ready to go. At this time the MIUI 13 is in the alpha and beta phase which means you will undoubtedly encounter a lot of work and features won’t work as expected.
After a couple of minutes, your phone will automatically reboot and will take Furthermore time to set up things. Once you are all set, you have to select your country and a few another setting, and you are ready to go. At this time the MIUI 13 is in the alpha and beta phase which means you will undoubtedly encounter a lot of work and features won’t work as expected.

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